Analysis on the characteristics of living room chandeliers made of three different material lampshades

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
Living room chandeliers made of different materials affect the decorative effect of suspended ceiling to a certain extent. There are many kinds of materials for living room chandeliers on the market today. What kind of materials are good for chandeliers? The following is an introduction to several kinds of snooker Meiju lampshades made of different materials, living room chandeliers. 1, glass lampshade living room chandelier glass material lampshade living room chandelier is the most common, general living room chandelier will choose frosted glass or clear glass, white frosted glass living room chandelier elegant and generous, give a person a kind of hazy beauty, transparent clear glass living room chandelier, good light transmission, can fully meet the lighting needs. 2, linen fabric lampshade living room chandelier linen fabric with natural beige, giving a warm and elegant feeling. Linen fabric lampshade living room chandelier fresh and elegant, can be matched with simple European style home environment, set off the living room more warm and comfortable. 3, all copper metal lampshade living room chandelier in addition to fabric and glass lampshade living room chandelier, there is also a copper lampshade living room chandelier, this kind of lampshade living room chandelier may be relatively less. Generally, the pendant lamp made of this material is used in more personalized styles or in some special occasions. Because it is an all-copper metal lampshade, its light transmission is not so good, therefore, the lampshade is generally designed downward to meet the lighting requirements.
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