Analysis of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns is how to design?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
We all know is the core area of the hotel rooms, mainly rest, should be like home. Lighting mainly embodied in the guest room warm and relaxed, with relatively low illumination to achieve peaceful and comfortable. The issue came so could you tell me how to design the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns? We all know that the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns, mainly to highlight its hotel style, give a person the sense of atmospheric grade. In high-grade lamps and lanterns choice for professional hotel custom lamps and lanterns, belong to the non-standard custom of lamps and lanterns, cycle generally longer. First of all need according to the field of hotel style design lamp type, according to the size of space of hotel use of lamps and lanterns again to determine the size of lamps and lanterns. So, hotel engineering lamps and lanterns to targeted choose the light source, under the condition of the same color temperature, weighing them in flux, whether on the average life expectancy is energy saving, easy to maintain and the trade-off between light color, don't cry because it is 'green lighting' ( Need to 'green lighting' concrete analysis to treat) Without using incandescent lamp. In addition, from the point of architectural features, the hotel internal and external based on function partition of the space, also is same. Hong Kong cyberport Amy hotel, for example, compared with guangzhou garden hotel, although characteristics is not the same, but they all have reception lobby, namely portman type of space, there are various types of rooms, and Chinese restaurant and western restaurant and multi-function hall. The desk of the hotel lighting using desk lamp as local lighting, so that the processing of business documents. Bedside reading lighting lamps can be used as reading lamp, wall lamp, or use the adjustable Angle to shoot the light, but the good is adjustable light lamps and lanterns. Anti glare in the guest room is also very important, so be sure to choose the lamps and lanterns of anti glare. The hotel lobby or hotel banquet halls and other large hotel interior public space of the hall decoration lamps and lanterns; Small dining rooms or the modelling of lamps and lanterns of the conference hall, hotel guest room use room lamp, including some wall lamp; Some common use or corridors of illumination lamps and lanterns. When choosing a hotel lighting lamps and lanterns is considered high-end level of and at the same time, also should consider to reduce maintenance cost, avoid maintenance of lamps and lanterns influence the normal operation of the hotel, choose the service life is long, the warranty period is long, low maintenance rate of hotel lighting lamps and lanterns. Adornment effect hotel lamp adornment effect is usually through two aspects, one is the shape of the lamp is acted the role of the product itself and the environment is tie-in, 2 it is through the light source of light to illuminate the lamp itself and the surrounding environment. Through the hotel lighting to match the environment to produce a variety of environmental effect.
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