All copper wall lamp-Home decoration is not available

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-19
In the matching and selection of home lighting, people first consider the lighting effect and decorative effect, but often ignore the beautiful layout and the role of auxiliary lighting. Everyone will think that all-copper wall lamps are dispensable. In fact, they are not. In Western cities such as European English or some large villas in China, people are accustomed to the lighting of a room is divided into main lights and auxiliary lights. The main lamp is generally placed in the middle of the space, and its main function is lighting. Chandeliers or ceiling lamps are generally selected according to the size of the space, while all-copper wall lamps or desk lamps are selected for auxiliary lighting, the role of adding auxiliary lights is not only for lighting, but also for adjusting the atmosphere and increasing the warm atmosphere. Imagine when you return home after a tired day of work and sit quietly and comfortably, A piece of classical light music, a wisp of warm light and shadow is so comfortable. All-copper wall lamp is also a kind of lighting that is not available for interior decoration lamps. Its application range is extensive, such as bed head, corridor, and many houses have balconies or aisles, if a wall lamp with a unique style corresponding to the home style is installed on the wall at the end of the corridor, the overall dullness of the corridor will immediately break the light and harmony, it can embellish the environment elegantly and richly.
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