All copper solder lamp---To offer more quality

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
As a kind of solder lamp, all-Copper Solder lamp is more and more popular. Many buyers are concerned about the price of all-Copper Solder lamp. All-Copper Solder lamp should adapt to the decoration of different places and environments, so designers should consider every place suitable for placing lamps when designing all-Copper Solder lamp, and should conform to the style of the place. Decoration and space determine the size of all-Copper Solder lamp body, number of Lamp caps, light intensity and other factors. Therefore, the price of each piece of all-Copper Solder lamp may be different, which is why all-copper lamps can be used as solder lamps. If the buyer wants to order all-Copper Solder lamps, there is naturally no clear price tag, but the buyer can find the seller closest to his heart price by comparing with many lighting manufacturers. Therefore, when communicating with the seller, you must first understand some information about the all-Copper Solder lamp, so that the buyer has a bottom and the lighting manufacturer to bargain. Manufacturing process of all-Copper Solder lamp: mold opening-Sand turning (Fill the mold with copper water)-Sand removal (Pour out the copper pieces after the copper pieces cool down)-Machine tool processing-Welding-Grinding-Polishing-Paint-Sealing oil-Parts inspection-Assembly-Test- All the lamps and lanterns produced by packaged snooker are handmade, and the whole production process is fine and strict.
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