All-copper lighting manufacturers create all-copper lighting brand direct stores--

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-21
As we all know, the direct mode of all-copper lamp manufacturers is that there is no middleman link, which brings benefits to the end consumers, so it is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Especially when the traditional sales model cannot meet the needs of consumers, this marketing model that faces consumers directly has more room for development. Some insiders said that the direct sales mode of all-copper lamp manufacturers may become a highway for the development of lighting stores. Display: experience of cultural enjoyment the direct selling base of Chinese lamp capital pays great attention to the display and three-dimensional display of lighting, reflects the cultural atmosphere of the selling place, and creates elegant life, lighting decoration, home interior aesthetics and other environments, make customers have the feeling of enjoying lighting and strongly attract customers to consume and purchase lighting. All-copper lighting China lamp direct sales base attaches great importance to the sales guidance role of the shopping guide, unified management of the on-site shopping guide, and the shopping guide sent by the manufacturer must meet the requirements. All copper lighting brand stores will conduct quality assessment on the terminal shopping guides stationed by the manufacturers, and qualified to work; The contents of the assessment generally include basic sales quality, reception etiquette, basic knowledge of lighting, lighting consumption psychology, reception complaints, etc.
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