All copper lamps teach you to create living room feng shui

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-17
The living room is the facade of a family. It is the main place for us to welcome and send, and it is also the place where our family members stay the most. How do we create a comfortable living room in the living room, and the living room feng shui is especially important. To create a good living room feng shui, we should mainly pay attention to two places, the first is to make the family incense flourish through the layout of the living room home, and the second is to prevent natural and man-made disasters through the defense of the living room. To create such feng shui, we should start from the following aspects: first: the color matching of the living room should be matched with the orientation to achieve the color matching of the living room. What is more important is the energy balance to be achieved by the combination or restriction of the pattern and the five elements. If the balance is broken, it will destroy the feng shui of the whole living room. If it is light, it will make people feel uncomfortable. If it is heavy, it will cause damage to family or money. If the living room window is to the east, yellow should be used as the main color, because the five elements of the East belong to wood, which is a place where wood is prosperous. According to the theory of five elements, wood is used as money. If the window living room should use white as the main color to the south. The southern five elements belong to the fire, which is a place where the fire is prosperous. According to the theory of the five elements, the fire is gold. If the window is West, Green should be the main color. The Western Five elements belong to gold, which is a place where gold is prosperous. Jin KEMU is a financial term, saying that Wood is the wealth of gold, and Green is the representative color of wood, therefore, the living room to the West is arranged in this color, which can receive the effect of prosperous wealth. If the window to the north of the living room should be red as the main color, the Northern five elements belong to the water, which is the place where the water is prosperous, and the water is the fire. In terms, fire is the wealth of water, so the living room to the north should choose red, purple and pink. Therefore, these three colors are the first choice in the living room, and the north wind blows hard in the living room in winter. Warm colors can add a little warmth. In addition, we have to cooperate according to the family's five elements and the situation of the industry, in order to achieve the most beneficial network for themselves and their families. Second: the decoration of the living room ornaments and ornaments should be used as little as possible. The most important principle for the decoration of living room ornaments and ornaments is to use as few things with heavy Yin as possible. The decoration of any Feng Shui mascot must be based on the position of the person's birthday. For example, some sharp objects, such as swords, firearms, medals, and animal specimens, should not be hung on the wall. These things themselves carry heavy Yin Qi, which, in severe cases, will lead to quarrels or violent acts at home. At the same time, we should also place as few lamps or decorations as possible in the living room. If you need to put these things with Yin because of your five elements, please be sure to follow the guidance of the feng shui master. Third: the layout of the sofa in the living room should pay attention to the direction and collocation. As we all know, the sofa used in the living room is divided into single sofa, double sofa, three-person sofa, etc. From the shape can be divided into long sofa, curved sofa, round sofa, etc. The number of sets of sofas in the living room is exquisite, and it is most forbidden to use one and a half sets of sofas or multiple sets of sofas. Secondly, the sofa must be placed in the living room. For the east-facing residence, the sofa should be placed in the four auspicious positions of the living room due east, southeast, due south and due north. For the West-oriented residence, the sofa should be placed in the southwest, west, northwest and northeast of the living room. In addition, the back of the living room sofa should be relied on. The so-called relying is the backing we often say. It means that there must be a solid wall behind the sofa, so that the seat can have no worries.
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