All copper lamp won the second place in the Weizhi alliance craft performance Preliminaries

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-21
On June 8, 2014, the art exhibition Preliminaries of various famous lighting brands held by Zhongshan Guzhen Weizhi alliance were grandly starred in the Imperial Hotel, the five outstanding employees of the all-copper lamp in snooker won the second place after careful daily rehearsal and unity. In this competition, the all-round bronze lamp of snooker and Mercure performed the characteristic folk dance of Hubei Enshi daughter Association. The five performers wore Tujia national costumes and gave the audience and the judges a unique performance with beautiful dance and clear voice, in the evening, the snooker Mercure bronze lamp set up a celebration banquet to reward the performers for their daily performances. At the celebration banquet, Liao Tianyuan, the general manager of the snooker Mercure bronze lamp, expressed his gratitude to the five performers at the reception. He said: today's result is the result of everyone's unity and cooperation over the past month. We must persevere in the week before the official performance and strive to be the first in the final day.
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