All copper lamp-Rubbing articles

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-19
In order to meet the needs of major customers, snooker all-copper lamps have also made great efforts in the color part of all-copper lamps. The common colors of snooker all-copper lamps are bronze, Brown black and black. These colors are all manually wiped out. The colors of all-copper lamps are customized according to different customer needs. The color of the lamp body of the snooker full copper lamp factory is bronze by default. However, due to the different needs of customers, we can also manually change the color of the lamp body according to the requirements of customers. Before the color cleaning process, our all-copper lamp must go through some special processes as a front work. 1, after degreasing solution, also the oily substance removal point on the surface of the lamp. 2. After washing with Luo Gan water and sulfuric acid, it turns black and cleans the surface substance of the all-copper lamp. Because some copper parts, especially many sand holes in the sand turning parts, contain some acidic substances, we use ultrasonic technology to put all-copper lamps in the cashier agent and vibrate the acidic substances in the lamps through vibrators, this is to form a protective film for the all-copper lamp to prevent the all-copper lamp from oxidizing and blackening due to contact with the space during use. This technology can better extend the service life of all copper lamps.
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