All copper lamp production department conducts basic management cadre training

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-13
On June 26, a total of 35 management cadres above the basic level of all copper lamps in snooker United States were in the company's staff training room for more than 4 hours of training on improvement work, the high temperature of 35 degrees can't stop the enthusiasm of the staff of the all-copper lamp production department. In the uninterrupted 4 hours, no one withdrew from the training in advance. They listened to the teacher's speech and took notes carefully. This training was taught by the lecturer of the famous training company Jucheng group Zhongshan branch. The theme of the course is to educate guests how to understand the shortcomings of their jobs in a relaxed atmosphere and continuously improve them. At the end of the course, all the staff will discuss it in 5 groups. At this time, the whole training scene entered a climax. The participants put forward many constructive improvement measures according to the pre-divided groups and their own practical work. Some groups talked about the excitement and the details of the on-site simulation work. The last five groups sent personnel to share.
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