All copper lamp partners actively participate in training in order to improve their business ability!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
As we all know, July is the off-season for the lighting industry. In order to improve their business ability and win a beautiful battle in the upcoming peak season, all small partners of snooker and all copper lamps, the charging mode was turned on and participated in 【Light classroom]Gold medal shopping guide training class. Also participating in this training are the famous brands of lighting in the ancient town. Everyone gathered together to discuss each other and make progress together. The keynote speaker of this course is a famous lighting marketing expert- Guo Yunping, teacher Guo's motto is: not dry goods are not shared, not essence is not spread! Teacher Guo told us that this training is to share the dry goods with everyone, so that everyone can learn something, truly understand sales, how to truly improve personal business capabilities, and create value for the company! The next step is to start a three-week training study. The first class is officially opened. Teacher Guo is sharing dry goods. Everyone actively participates in classroom interaction.
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