All copper lamp manufacturers driver delivery crazy! ! !

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-21
Looking back on the EDS anniversary of the previous few days, those days were really painful and happy! At the beginning of the early morning activities, the orders were all brushed, and the customer service staff of the all-copper lamp manufacturer, snooker, started to work and began to pick up the sleeves to take the time to place the order, in order to allow customers to receive the beautiful baby as soon as possible, the customer service department's small partners placed orders here, and the factory immediately opened the order and delivered the goods. The colleagues in the warehouse began to be busy. The goods were pulled to the first floor, and several drivers were ready to start the delivery, wave after wave, almost never stopped all day. Due to too many orders and rainy weather, the goods on the first floor of the factory are about to be piled up in the open space. The event was successfully concluded. Snooker is here to thank everyone for their support as always. Thank you! At the same time I wish dealers 2017 lamps sell financial resources rolling! A full warehouse waiting for the departure of the goods has been pulled to the first floor, ready to load
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