All copper lamp manufacturers 2017 new ingenuity production

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
Buying a house is an indispensable topic. The general commercial housing is the choice of most people because it is economical and affordable. The height of an ordinary suite is generally 2. 5-2. Between, the decoration style can have its own preferences, what style you want to install, but you can't choose the light just according to your own preferences, the height of the floor is the key factor that determines your choice of lights. Today, Xiaobian brings you all the stars of the copper lamp manufacturer snooker- SZ22049, very suitable for commodity suites, do not believe? You can see the customer's real shot feedback! Miss Mei from Zhuhai, Guangdong is a big beauty after 80. She bought her first house in her life a year ago. She started decorating today and is ready to move into a new house this year. At the end of May, the house was basically finished, waiting for the furniture to enter. However, before the furniture came into play, there was a headache for her, because the height of the house was only 2. , When I chose the main light at home, I began to feel guilty. I used to look at a style that I liked very much, but because the height of the floor is not suitable for installation, I can only give up. Occasionally, a small gathering with friends, someone recommended snooker to her, so Miss Mei contacted us through the official website of snooker. Through the communication of Miss Yu Mei, we learned the basic situation and needs of the customer, and at the same time made two sets of matching plans for the customer, and the customer took a fancy to SZ22049. SZ22049 this chandelier, simple and elegant style, extraordinary temperament, lamp height 600, ordinary commercial housing can be easily controlled, it is the gospel of small units. The living room is equipped with 8 heads, and the restaurant is equipped with 6 heads. The overall effect is very good. The picture below shows the real shot effect of Miss Mei after installation. Choose lights with lights don't worry, all copper lamp manufacturers snooker Meiju to help you, free to do matching programs, multiple sets of programs for you to choose from, if you want to know more all copper lamp styles, please call snooker Meiju national toll-free hotline: 400-800-7609.
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