All copper lamp--Design, craft, quality can not be less

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
Snooker Mercure all-copper lamp, which belongs to the all-copper lamp brand of four-dimensional home lighting, is designed by combining many European and American fashion elements. It advocates the humanistic home art of American life; For many years, with profound artistic heritage combined with exquisite craftsmanship, each piece of work has been given a fresh pulse of life. In terms of design, based on simplicity, high-end and elegance, we always pursue individuality and strive for perfection. In the process, 36 processes and hand-made, the details and workmanship fully show the difference of the product. In terms of quality, H62 brass and multiple quality inspection procedures for producing all-copper lamps ensure the quality of all-copper lamps. The all-copper lamp of snooker is a choice for exclusive high-level and high-grade people in the society. It is suitable for high-end places such as luxury houses, villas, clubs, star hotels and related supporting facilities, convey to us a leisurely, simple and noble life concept, with undisclosed elegance and nobility, revealing the connotation of history and culture. Snooker Mercure all-copper lamp is not only a fashionable ornament, but also a collectible and inheritable artwork.
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