All copper lamp brand--Intelligent copper lamp life hall for new clothes

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-21
After a month, the all-copper lamp brand-- Snooker Meiju intelligent life copper lamp Hall has been replaced with new clothes, new decoration and new weather. This upgrade and decoration will present a different snooker Meiju to everyone! Not much to say, now let's take a look with Xiaobian! Snooker has a new name this time-- The store displays not only all copper lamps, but also some intelligent products. The combination of copper lamps and technology will definitely make you feel refreshed. The newly renovated snooker Meiju intelligent copper lamp living hall adopts situational design and is displayed in different scene areas. This is an area entering the door, showing our new SZ50880 series. This is the desktop reception front desk. At first glance, is there a feeling of a leisure area, especially the new wine glass-shaped bar lamp hanging on it. The fashion sense is full of wood ~ Inside is the bedroom scene area, with different chandeliers, ceiling lights, warm bed soft lights, giving people a feeling of returning home. All copper lamp brand-- Snooker Meiju intelligent copper lamp living hall for new clothes, new and old customers come to the ancient town, welcome to the store to sit down, drink tea, more new products waiting for you to taste!
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