All copper chandelier SZ50751 is so capricious with high color value!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-22
One of the problems that people often worry about online shopping is that they are afraid that the real thing is different from the picture. The seller is beautiful, but the buyer show can't bear to look straight. Speaking of this problem, in fact, the purchase of lamps is the same. As a full copper lamp sales staff, it is often encountered by customers who have such concerns, worried that there will be differences between pictures and objects, and worried that the installation effect is not satisfactory. Today, I recommend a full copper chandelier with high beauty in snooker- SZ50751, don't say much, let's see it! Speaking of SZ50751's all-copper chandelier, our customer Miss Xu is our frequent visitor. Miss Xu is a buyer of a decoration company. Since the customer bought this all-copper chandelier last year, after recommending to her customers, Miss Xu's customers are full of praise for the installation effect of this lamp, and have always thanked Miss Xu for recommending such a beautiful lamp to him. This is not the case that Miss Xu found us again in May. She named SZ50751, an all-copper chandelier. This lamp is versatile and fashionable. It is also very atmospheric and looks very classy. Miss Xu also told us that there is a new community and many people want this lamp. This time, I will choose a set for Sister Wang, and I need SZ50751-10 One and SZ50751- 08 one, 10 in the living room, 8 in the restaurant. Just received the goods a week ago has been installed, the following is the customer's installation effect real shot. Living room SZ50751- 10 installation effect Real shot restaurant SZ50751-08 installation effect Real shot
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