wrought iron crystal chandelier Victorian Home Styles and Interiors (19th Century America)

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-06

Victorian home style evolved from promising seeds that sprouted during the Greek Renaissance, a period that suddenly became withered and dry.In the century America, Britain once again became the source of American inspiration, and returning to the elegant French style became the favorite thing of the times.In the field of American art, it is true that there is no great leader, and the voices of the few creative people who try to cultivate their own artistic expressions are more or less ignored.Although novelty is still desirable, without connoisseurs, home style and interior design are more borrowed ideas than conceived inventions.The Victorian art of the United States experienced a series of overlapping and chaotic revives.First of all, the Greek Renaissance overlaps with the Gothic Revival, inspired by the British Parliament building., including A.W.N.Boxing and violinle-Duc, both well-Lovers of Gothic style.In the Victorian era, industrialism has brought about the progress of various architectural styles, each of which has its own unique form and features.These architectural designs include Queen Anne, sticks, the Second Empire, muwa, and the Roman style of Richardson.The building is not commensurate with the classical form and has huge unbalanced windows and cupolas.There are hydrangea flowers on the trimmed lawn, with iron dogs and bucks on it.In a sense, art is absurd.There are wooden arches, coffers and windows with pointed heads, columns that tend to form clusters, stained glass windows, and puzzle decorations.The influence on American art is a genius, an architect.H.Richardson.He brought back the Romanesque form as a "revolt" against the Renaissance art of the Gothic period and the mansas style ".He designed Trinity Church in Boston.His influence is great, and the picturesque and romantic expression style in his works is imitated by many designers whose works are made of wood made from his own stone works.His architecture is designed with a corner building, a balcony, irregular-shaped windows, and a high-mountain wall roof with a unique pattern of wooden tiles.Victorian houses have steep mansard roofs and dormer windows open through the surface of the sloping roof.The downside is that the Victorian city is packed with houses without any aesthetic appeal, which are characterized by a brown front and a high porch.Dominant front-The Victorian era is known for its interpretation and eclectic revival of various historical designs that blend the features of the Middle East and Asia, with a clear impact on furniture style, accessory design, interior design and decoration.Unlike their design, the Victorian interior design is gorgeous in many ways, although their interior layout is made up of irregular rooms, which are usually carefully designed.Including a large number of latheTurn the railings, Wood grilles, table legs and spindle.The important rooms of the House are painted with wall panels, parquet floors, false beam ceilings, heavy decorations, and a huge molding usually made of golden oak.Furniture and interior design©The Cor object designs the Gothic features of "na thanve", showing religious, emotional and even frustrating themes.These styles are typical of Gothic art periods and are logically more suitable for church design and religious forms than residential buildings.The interior of the Victorian residence is known for its extensive décor and over-use irrelevant textures and patterns.The rooms are separated by function (public and private spaces) and the living room is the most important of all the interior spaces.The restaurant is second.The most important rooms in the historic Victorian house.The curtains are made of thick and heavy textiles, boat prices, swing and tail, and severe tassel jabots.Rich in color, dark gemstone shades such as Crimson, blue, green, purple and gold.Wrought-During the Victorian period, an undecorated room was considered to be of poor taste, so each surface was filled with items that reflected the lifestyle and wishes of the homeowner.Interior design of American colonial residence (17 th-Century Victorian style of home and interior design is the opposite of today's modern home style.Different from design and design©Nowadays, their time is full of heavy, gorgeous, oversized furniture and furniture, and they have a special liking for the smell.Modern homes are almost minimalist, clean lines, light furniture and furniture most of the time, lighter backgrounds, while Victorian homes are warm, crowded, complex, dramatic, plenty of overabundance with oversized furniture and interior furniture.When the modern family is openThe Victorian house has no bright and airy rooms.Instead, overuse dark wood (mahogany and walnut) for wall paneling and wood flooring ).The Victorian era is heavier, more luxurious and richer --The interior of Era home is better.This is the core element of the Victorian style.
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