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Are well-known.Between all types of lights.Decorated with lights, Channel der Leer is one of the most gorgeous lights.I think a lot of people are amazing.At the hotel.Also, mixing should always be the right way for your home.Things that need to be fully prepared before the acquisition or establishment.Even one channel now, although there is no way to completely clean it.Type of Der Leer channel.If I follow the way.The width of the corridor, we often see the Channel der Leer Crystal measurements, the typical shape is the hero who assembled them, but now the Channel der Leer creates the model, the content and the size.More suitable for this era.We conclude that this type is as follows in the channels that are commonly used.Leer de Chantilly is actually an old-year rock style that was originally King Lear.Emphasizing the dignity of the channel, decorated with crystal beads and delicate and complex structures or patterns, the well-known branches are made of glass.The gentle crystal beads sparkled.The best seed crystal.Most active through key churches.Overseas or landmarkIn the palace or the federal government and many other records.Deschantilly Richard Lee Group and crystal lamp group Fortin Lee Group in the traditional team also include the young Arabist lamp Himalayan used by this lamp.Make it smooth and cool.The der Leer channel of Leer Comtemporary de Chantilly is more modern.It is usually a mix of retro design and fashion style.We found new components.Suitable for channels such as iron and chrome paper towels.His black glass brass or bones.It can be seen in some crystals.The shape is quite simple.No pattern is actually a common simple or branch composition for metals.These kinds of natural products, such as wood bones or animal bones, were finally discovered.This is the most luxurious hotel lobby.Or amenities provided in the latest environment.The Channel der Leer modern retro can be the channel der Leer, which is predicted in the channel der Leer public team with additional modern resources such as steel frames or forks.The lights are made of cloth or glass, and even so, attention is basically more colorful.The elegant shape is still the traditional elegance I have to work with the store.The cafe is decorated in the interior of a clothing boutique, where people hear the sound of this channel.King Lear today is actually a wonderful contemporary simplicity.I kept the original layout.The lamp is decorated with minimalist geometry.Not a lot of curves.No crystals form it in de Leer.But use such materials.I chose to design a kind of OHS steel, resin with a basic shape, which tends to make some people feel that it is not too difficult to fit contemporary design and style in most cases.Tips on how to buy.A lot of people holding catalogues or walking into the store lights are usually a headache, and this is the most effective way to get Burgundy wine, probably the main channel for delle.Choose to match the form of the House or house to be set up, start with the mood and tone of the property and see what decorative wallpaper, floor or furniture design is available as a retro style, they should really pick.A high ChannelI really feel like class.Crystal channel.If the home is modern for materials, wood or fabric.It should be considered a channel that feels as pure as a channel, wood, stone, Alabama cloth or steel, wrought iron, just because the home is usually not suitable for deschantilly in Washington.The sun flashes in the modern house and it must guide the brocade.Glass or steel.Free form of architecture with wheels.Choose the size that suits your space or space.The channel to get the size from the space.On the area, it should really be less than 30%, just like the space size 6x6 m width in the Channel der Leer, it has to be about 1.8 m in buy, share a space by using de Chantilly's lovely balance.George Lear.The height of the battle you are not allergic to it.I really don't want to set it up myself.He includes a formula to determine the height of Delle from the Channel.The extensive home is about 2 Main in ceiling height.5 M Channel der Leer, generally able to see the channel der Leer, it must be no less than 180 cm above the ground.at eye level.I don't have to start raising my head or start hitting the ball.The channel is easier to walk in the dining space.Most of them hang in the middle of the table.When he is not hit, the height needs to be above the head of the table, then go to the Channel der Leer of Burgundy, and it is not recommended to install a minimum height of 180 cm during this time.Beautiful and harmless for users.Mainly because we often sit in our seats when we are in the restaurant.The height when the seat drops, as if the height and height of 180 within the seat will be reduced to less than 130 cm of the position associated with the head of your channel der Leer suit.But overall, this is not a critical stereotype.I need to look at the height of the main area.You told us everyone was fighting.The ceiling height is usually increased by 10 cm to increase the height of the channel der Leer to 1 cm.Installation method.Channel der Leer is a light hanging from the ceiling.And there is usually a lot of weight.We must take this into account.This is especially important because some of your big Chandra battles say you have a lot of fat.Installation will be critical.After all, there is no risk of good things if installed.In addition, the family also gave strong support due to the lack of overweight.The Der Leer channel is likely to be out.The light is on and it may be installed in an inappropriate position.Damage to the passage caused by impact.Or put it in and wash it thoroughly.However, if the installation is not good enough, this may cause problems, in addition, the solution to these problems includes strong support and consultation for fat.Before buying, then reel in the leadWhile in Burgundy, your well-known fixture is definitely the driving force for selling Bobcats.Like the Wind, place and set the chandelier hanging fire for almost every form.It really shouldn't be set up near the air conditioner or fan, and it shouldn't be set up by the wind.I might end up making a vibrating crystal bead, or a light has blown and the wind usually blows the dust out.Of course, it's actually not good to guide der Leer.In one's iron rule, support is enough to order a lamp.You must be clear before you invest in fat that can support the House pound.Support can be deployed on key issues on the channel Boulder Channel Lear, the reason is "King Lear".Or exotic materials like stone or metal weight, if not enough to support fat, or even more.The Der Leer channel will not drop.The need to be designed to support ceiling channels der Leer and I exceeds the actual weight of the channel der Leer in case of a normal disaster like an earthquake.This weight is usually required under the support of more than 30%, which will be contemporary property, mainly technicians, contractors need to support them, if they haven't decided yet, try asking the recipient.Contractors who don't support so many pounds.But then any house in front has a chandelier.Additional support may be required to build before installation.Support the battle deposit that you don't think the supplier is.You can then install it.Just because we don't know the weight on the ceiling.If you can't gain weightPanels usually collapse and should also be checked with your contractor to ensure safety.I have had it several times.The contractor who does not have a pound on the support light.Get in the house.You recommend this battle.Set up lamps.After we were completely sure our family was free of dust.It is OK whether it is ceiling curtain or other decoration.Or any dusts.There are many customers who are anxious to light up the rest, and although the channel is now encapsulated, they may be done.In the end, it is really inevitable dust.Call the housekeeping department to scrub.But after installation.Time, which may cause the passage to be stained by the passage glass or metal dust that comes from the activity of cleaning the woman.Opening -Dusty curtainsIt wants to be cleaned once in a while.After treatment.You recommend this battle.There are two strategies for channel maintenance.Hired to scrub the offer, and if there is expertise on the Channel for a large landlord to clean the company at home, this type of offer is determined to be clean, accurate and.Special cleaning.Cleanse it.This can be tricky, but cleaning is not complicated if there is a medium or small channel deer.If it's crystal channel.Glass Cleaner is recommended.Wipe is enough.Laemed is recommended.Note that your different crystal beads are smooth, but very little in dust.If there is little dust at home.Del stone.Chemicals are not required.It is enough to use only clean water.Then let it dry.Steel trough moral.Stains are sold.Wipe with a damp cloth.I'm starting to think this will confuse me in the channel of your choice as your residence is really good.If you have any questions or want to choose a beautiful channel.Europe as a whole.There is a good chance that you will be in the Burgundy showroom on the 10 th of tonro and the designer who is willing to advise.
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