victorian crystal chandelier Lost Plaza Theatre chandelier discovered in Esperance, WA, after 53 years

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-18
Of the 1964 iconic theaters in Launceston, the doors were closed for the last time, and the gorgeous crystal chandeliers disappeared.Originally named Conservatory of Music, The Art Deco Plaza Theatre was built in 1886 and is located between the Hollyman building and the Yorktown square.Historian John Healy says the streets are packed with theaters between eleven o'clock P.
and midnight --The audience flows from the square, National square, Tatler square or the majestic square.However, the square has become a special icon for its extraordinary crystal chandelier.Three hanging in the atrium.metre-The long chandelier has brought exquisite splendor to Launceston.
"It's equal to anything in Melbourne or Sydney," says historian Robert Dusting."Hobart has nothing.The chandelier was manufactured in Paris in 1912 and purchased for the Conservatory of Music in 1932.It was hung there and was demolished through a section of the College in 1937, converted into a square theater until the final curtain was opened.
3000 chandelier when the square is closedxa0An auction order of 50 shillings was received and passed.It was later sold privately and disappeared from the public eye."It alone has 10,000 crystals in its stem," said Healy .
""People always ask, 'I want to know what's going on with that beautiful lady '.But still, he could not find any information about the whereabouts of the chandelier.But a surprise call.xa0Opened a new chapter for the history of the chandelier.
Marion sagant, Launceston historianxa0A phone call from the new owner of the esperandupst mansion in Western Australia asked if she could help confirm a suspicion that the chandelier hanging in the mansion was actually a square chandelier.MS sagin realized that Mr Dusting and Mr Healy were looking for information on the chandelier and asked them to help.Mr. Healy will provide a comparison of the photos from Western Australia with the square photos he took on 1964, just a few months before the square was closed.
Found the missing chandelier.
The house was once owned by the Wadsworth family in Launceston and was believed to have purchased the chandelier and sent it to Washington state.Nowadays, the chandelier is in a fragile state and it is unlikely to return to Launceston.xa0A bittersweet discovery"At least it has been found," said Mr Dusting .
"For 53 years, no one knows where it is.
Mr Dusting and Mr Healey called on anyone with pictures of the square and its chandelier to bring it up before it was too late and all the memories of the theater failed."This is our last chance," said Healy ."
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