victorian crystal chandelier Designer Timothy Oulton talks about his global brand

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-18
The global furniture and lifestyle brand, Timothy Oulton, has launched four new collections in Australia.The people behind the brand of the same name said that every new series called Jet, adventurer, Coast rafting and elegant era has an inspiring story behind it, from the historical heroes and adventurers of Sir Donald Campbell and Sir Biggs, to the escapism of coastal life, as well as the charm and elegance of Georgia and England.Each handmade item is made in traditional time.
Honored technology.
South American leather and century-Old Wood recovered from British wineries is a feature of the latest collection, says Orton.Timothy Alton's growing portfolio includes furniture, leather bags, premium bedding, kitchen and vintage furnitureoff pieces.The famous British designer and partner Coco Republic has launched these series in Sydney and Melbourne.
Alton said he hopes to open stores in "big cities" and that New York, Los Angeles, Moscow and Canada have joined Melbourne.Hong Kong and Amsterdam also opened a second gallery last month.My dad has his own antique shop, so I grew up around them, and from a very young age, something was ingrained in my heart.
The details of the hand have something uniqueCraft and amazing potential, they have to evoke another era.There are so many different things from every conceivable time period.This is probably what I found far away.A shabby flea market, an old leather bag, a building.
Of course there are people;Heroes of History, those who have destroyed and changed the world.My goal has always been to do the best in what we do.This is the ultimate focus and you have to believe that you can make the best and make it possible in the most authentic way and then have the toughness to do it.
It's bold enough to ask "if" and then have the passion and motivation to try.And stick to it until it's perfect.Great style should have the ability to motivate you and motivate you in a positive way.It is something that is eternal and lasting and has lasting value.
We have done a lot of different pieces and we are very concerned with the material finishing of each piece until very small details.But at the level of the whole room, the lights are often the last highlight.No matter what is inside, the light can change the overall character of the room;It gives space life.
I have always been inspired by British craftsmanship, especially the architecture of Georgia, where there are many classical elements.Because this is what I am, I am very relaxed and casual.I like to see a little life, a rough elegance.
Classic crystal chandeliers, beautiful wooden barrel chairs, tufted sofas are timeless.Both traditional and modern, they stand up to any type of room, as they are such classic works that always add elements of drama and expectation to the space.I like to come in and play-back.It’s all open-Large and comfortable sofas and chandeliers are everywhere.
I live in an old plantation, so the building has a lot of interesting history.I spend more time traveling than at home, so I'm really around the world.I spent a lot of time visiting the market in the workshop and our store in China.
My life is very busy, but I will not have any other way and I will also make sure I have enough rest time.Me.I'm a very good person.Roll the sleeves-Whether in my own home or at work, it's up type people.A very comfortable sofa, a sofa you can be very lazy.
I think you should start with an incredible sofa and build the room from there.I used to look at the logo and thought it was me, but now I am more neutral about it.The brand Timothy Alton is not just me in many ways.
In fact, this is a group of great people who are passionate about what we do collectively.We never want to be a mass market brand, and part of our authenticity is that we always do things in our own way anyway, which is actually why people like us.We would like to have access to a very special person who may be in New York, Moscow or Barbados.
We have been in Sydney for a few years with our partner Coco Republic and Melbourne is another great city with a creative and artistic atmosphere.Richmond is an exciting area with some of Australia's top interior design brands and I think our store offers a very unique experience in it.The actual experience of shopping by Timothy Oulton is of great concern to us and I think we offer something very special about walking into one of our stores and feeling at home, be able to rest on the furniture and have a glass of champagne or a cup of tea with us.
There are very specific stories behind these collections and themes.Our new jet series was inspired by one of my sports heroes, Sir Donald Campbell, while Shore rafting took place on a summer day by the beach.Antiques are beautiful but in today's homes they are not used as functional items and they are not available.
What we are doing is respecting these times and adopting the same incredible craftsmanship --Our technology and authentic materials, and the creation of works full of the same inspiration and stories, but we are making them relevant to the modern way of life.Our goal has always been to be in the 50 best cities in the world.For such a young brand, we are expanding very fast, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
Personally, I'm not a man standing still, so I'm always ready for the next adventure.Hosting each other.People are busy and fastThey increasingly want their home to be a place where they can connect and relax with friends and family and re-Inject vitality into life
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