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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-24

Mirror, mirror on the wall!Want a way to capture and reflect light at home?Nothing is better than a mirror.The mirror is good for creating the illusion of space.Mirrors have been used to make commercial buildings look more spacious and these techniques can also be used successfully in your own home.* If there is a wall in front of the entrance when you enter your home, hang a unique mirror on the wall to open it and increase interest in the area.* Try amazing mirrors on either side of narrow corridors or stairs to create the illusion of width.* In order to make the corridor or stairs look longer, try to place a mirror at the end of the corridor or stairs, the length of the mirror will double.* Wrought iron mirrors are very popular and can be used as the focus of home decoration in most decorative styles.* Unusual mirrors can be used behind the sofa or in the hallway.They can be arranged in groups or combined with painting.* You can use several hinge mirrors placed behind a candle or flower on a cloak or table, thus "multiplying" the effect of your decorative accent.* Just like your artwork, choosing the right frame for your mirror will make the world different.The frame adds the look of the mirror and enhances the space around the mirror.* Using long and high mirrors spaced on walls is a good change with more traditional walls --to-wall mirrors.* Make sure the mirror reflects only attractive objects.Do not place the mirror directly opposite the waste basket or the messy area.Try to put it opposite the window, the light, or the favorite painting.* Miniature mirrors can be used as decorations for pillows, curtains and meal mats.* Put a mirror on the ceiling of the kitchen cabinet or storage room, which will help you to see what's on the top shelf.* The restaurant can also display your dining table decoration using a mirror.Use mirrors instead of positions in each position setting.They will naturally attract your attention and you will create amazing displays by using bright decorative dishes.* Since the mirrors have a variety of shapes and sizes, they offer unlimited possibilities for decoration.* Use the mirror as the focus of the room.Consider investing in a truly unique, elegant mirror and frame that complements the rest of the decor in the room.* Remember to hang the mirror at the available height!
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