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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-12
What are the criteria for choosing a crystal chandelier and what other factors need to be considered when making a choice?The standard that affects the choice of Chandelier :-type of room-Size of room-Pronunciation of room-Height of ceiling-Furniture and equipment in the roomLight intensity required by the user-Crystal chandelier weight-The degree of maintenance of the RoomA crystal chandelier can be placed anywhere.The most popular place to hang crystal chandeliers is definitely the living room, followed by the bedroom, lobby and dining room.We also met crystal chandeliers in the bathroom, however, it was a huge room with a perfect ventilation system to take away the humidity, this may affect the life and function of the chandelier and the health of the user.Our chandelier comes with IP Code 20 (effectively preventing the insertion of fingers or similar objects, but not any harmful water entry ).The customer/user is solely responsible for installing the chandelier in an environment contrary to the chandelier design parameters, and for any damage caused by placing the chandelier in such an environment.The size of the room when choosing the chandelier, the size of the room is essential.For example, more than oneThe layered chandelier is suitable for lounge with stairs, which will be occupied by the chandelier no matter which side.Instead, small rooms should be equipped with single roomsDouble chandelier or flush bracket.In both cases, chandeliers can be combined with walls, tables, or station lights.Ceiling height the ceiling height of the room should not be forgotten.We ship the chandelier with 7 chain rings.e.30-According to the type of chain, the length is 50 cm.Considering the height of the user, it is crucial to consider what gaps are needed under the chandelier.The usual distance between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor is 2.1-2.2 meters.About the height of the chandelier with the chain specified in our catalogue does not include the length of the chain, the length of the chain and the hanger in the canopy, depending on the size of the chandelier, its height is between 10 and 20 cm and must be added to the height of the chandelier.In the case of low ceilings, the chain can be shortened.The chain can be shortened to the length of a link, which is necessary to connect the hanger and chandelier body together.If this substantial shortening is not enough, different types of chandeliers should be purchased.If the chandelier has been delivered and you need a longer chain, it has to be ordered with flex at the required length, which should also be changed as it is not long enough.The clarity of the room significantly affects the placement of the lamps.If the room is very clear then it is not appropriate to use a central chandelier.Wall lights or other smaller chandeliers should be installed in this room.For the lobby with a lower ceiling, it is convenient to use the flush bracket.Furniture and equipment the walls of the room decoration, furniture, metal accessories, the color of the carpet and style and the taste of the user affect the choice of the chandelier.The light required by the user's light demand is a feature that is difficult for the user to predict.For example, if the hygiene standard specifies a minimum light intensity of 200lx for living in a room, someone will always need 500lx or more.In addition, the older the user is, the higher the requirement for light.I can meet various requirements for light intensity in various ways.A chandelier with a large number of bulbs can be used as an example, and its light intensity we want to reduce.This reduction in strength can be achieved :-Install the double switch (the chandelier will only partially light up )-Install dimmer (the light intensity of all lighting bulbs will be adjusted gradually )-Changing to a lower power bulb with the current bulb, we are often asked how many arms the chandelier should have to illuminate a particular room.The following guide should help you answer this question: multiply the width of the room by length (in meters) and then by 15.The number you get is just the information and should be equal to the Watt power (W) of the main lighting of the room ).Light requirements first depend on the type of room (living room, lobby, dining room) specified by the regulations or required by the user ).The weight of the Crystal Chandra is the shell of the large chandelier, and their weight plays an important role.It is important to find out the location and ceiling structure where the chandelier will be installed or otherwise connected.You should consider an 18-For example, an arm chandelier can weigh up to 17 kilograms, and such a weight is attached to a point in the ceiling.In the case of some particularly large chandeliers, the construction of the ceiling should be evaluated by the structural engineer.Maintenance if you want to clean the whole chandelier, there is no need to remove the whole chandelier now, wipe the various parts with soapy water, dry carefully and put all the parts back in place.A special detergent can now be purchased to clean the crystal chandelier.The detergent only needs to be sprayed on the chandelier, all the dirt will disappear and will be discharged to the mat under the chandelier.Otherwise it would take a few hours for the work to be completed in a few minutes.
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