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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-02
If there is a beautiful crystal chandelier somewhere in your home, you may have noticed that it is easy to gather dust and spider webs, and when it gathers, the crystal loses some sparks and looks dim.Thankfully, the days of having to completely screw down the chandelier and remove each crystal individually for cleaning are over.First of all, you need to determine if you need alternative lighting during cleaning (as you can't open the chandelier while cleaning the chandelier ).You also need to make sure the chandelier is off (Put a piece of tape on the button to prevent someone from accidentally opening the chandelier when you clean it) and the globe is cool.Next, cover the bulbs so you don't damage the chandeliers when you clean them.You can do this in a number of ways: You also need to put a cloth or waterproof cloth under the chandelier to prevent the floor from getting dirty or dirt --covered.Buy a special crystal chandelier cleaner from the lighting retailer or mix your own solution together-it's enough to add a portion of the water in three servings of acetone or ammonia.Put this solution in a spray bottle.Spray each part of the chandelier with a solution, but try to avoid wiring and other electrical components (because water causes them to be short-circuited ).Let your chandelier dribble dry (this is where the drop cloth comes in handy!), It could take several hours.If you feel that your chandelier is too dirty to use this cleaning method (which means that the dust will become more visible than being completely removed ), you can wash each individual crystal with acetone and aqueous solution.When your chandelier is completely dry, you can take out sandwich bags or socks or anything you use to protect the globe.If your globe itself looks a little dusty, you can dip the soft cloth into the acetone solution and wipe it quickly.Then, you need to make these parts completely dry (preferably overnight) before opening the chandelier again ).
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