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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-29
The halogen furnace and propane heater are the two most common heating devices for patio heating.Various types of patio heaters are available.Free includedStation, desktop, wall-Installation and others.
Here are the advantages and disadvantages of various patio heater models.The halogen furnace uses a tube or halogen lamp to generate heat.Although halogen lamps are very energy efficient, they require a lot of power.
Halogen-Due to the fragility of the heating bulb and the high internal temperature, there is also a fire hazard in the type heater.It is recommended to use only halogen lamps with heatResistant to housing and automatic shutdown-Shutdown function for maximum safety.Propane heater using fuelHeat the active conductor of the surrounding air.
Propane is a non-polluting fuel;The heat it generates, however, does consume oxygen and emit carbon monoxide.Therefore, the propane heating device is not suitable for the closed patio.If carbon monoxide is detected, select the propane heater with the sensor to turn it off.
The main benefit of propane is the high fuel efficiency and the least energy consumed during heating.Free-Shaped like a lamppost, freeThe vertical heater has two models: Propane and halogen.As free-Vertical heater productionFree surround heat dissipationThe standing terrace heater is ideal for heating large spaces such as outdoor dining room seating area.
These heating units do not offer much portability, but offer more stability than their desktop counterparts.Their heating elements are located at the top of the device, safely out of the reach of small children.Wall-These heaters are available only in halogen lamp configurations and are more compact, portable and lightweight.
Perfect for small terraces, warm walls-The heat generated by the installed heater may be a bit ineffective as the heat is discharged only in one direction rather than in a centralized mode.You might need a bigger wall.Installation heaters in larger areas.These units are children.Be friendly as they may be hung out of reach of little children.These courtyard heaters are stylishly decorated and look a lot like a desk lamp, complementing the general courtyard decoration.
Fully functional desktop heaterSurround heat emissions to improve efficiency.They are very portable in both propane and halogen formats
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