table lamps How to Identify Marks of a Stiffel Lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-19
table lamps How to Identify Marks of a Stiffel Lamp
Ted Stifel designed the lights according to the art of decoration and minimalist aesthetics of his time, illuminating the functional world of lighting.Until he formed Chicago.Headquartered in 1932, most lamps-Except what Tiffany did.-Lack of attraction.Once Stifel introduced artistic quality to the design of the lamps, many companies imitated him to make similar but cheaper lamps.In addition to its aesthetic appearance, a sign of the hard light is its weight.All the lights are carefully weighted.A clear sign that you have an old oneThe switch of the lamp is the Stifel floor lamp.Equipped with the Stifel switch, this patented el patented design was produced on his pole lamp, starting in 1940 seconds until after a case of the Supreme Court in 1964, he lost his patentThe switch works by letting you grab the shaft of the pole, gently pull down, turn the light on or off.While some stiff lights have followed the bulky Gothic style for over 1930 years, most of his lights have a reclining, carved and goodBalance of appearance.Another place where you might find the mark is in the shade.If it is the original of the lamp, Stifel companies usually place a small foil decal called "Stifel" or "Stifel lamp company" inside the lampshade."If you can't find foil decals in the shadow or at the bottom of the lamp, check the lamp holder for foil decals.Many of the original hard tones were made from China's Silk Shandong, a material not commonly used by other lamp manufacturers at that time.The Stifel lamp is usually at the metal bottom or high of the lamp-Quality wooden base.Look for "Stifel lamp company", "SLC" or "Stifel" on the decal, or etching on the bottom of the lamp.If the lamp holder has a felt cover on the open area, remove the felt from the lamp holder, and check the interior for information.When the mark is missing, other indicators can indicate that your light is hard.Hard lights are also heavier than counterfeits because of their material and care when weighing properly.The metal used includes tin, copper, brass and silver.Finish includes polished nickel;Antique, polished, aged brass;A combination of silver or polished nickel and black.Some desk lamps are made of Roman bronze or made of bronze or gray.The height of the Stifel desk lamp is 30 inch or more, with shadows attached.If the light is heavy when you lift it, it is likely to be hard, especially if it shares the design features of the hard light online.
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