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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-28
How to deal with an entrance, how to create Scandinavian spirit in many styles of decoration.To arrange the small hall reasonably, the challenge is to optimize the space.Items such as keys, handbags, scarves, gloves can be stored on the wall.
..You can also use the clothes hook to maximize space.Attached to the wall, you can hang as many clothes as possible with as little space as possible.Finally, put a stool at the entrance so you can take off your shoes or put them on.
If you have an entrance large enough, you can put in the larger decorative items..Also provide storage space for your shoes and prefer to hide their enclosed storage space.About hangers, you can give yourself a stand hanger that focuses on the elegance of Scandinavian style or the retro of industrial style.
place a full-, This will allow you to do the final check at home and bring depth to your entrance.You can also choose only mirrors with high, round or square faces, and mirrors can be decorated directly with brackets to place keys.You can decorate your entrance with plants, flower pots or hanging.
Do you want a sober and refined decoration?Nordic style has everything you want.Here are our tips for the success of Scandinavian decor.The Nordic spirit uses a very light color, and it is not surprising that White is the dominant color in Scandinavian decoration.
Most importantly, we are looking for brightness and elegance.You can add other colors, pink or light green to continue the sweetness of Scandinavia, or enhance it by adding peps colors such as mustard yellow or duck blue.In Scandinavian decoration, we remove the excess part and only keep the necessary part.
For our tables and chairs, simplicity is also the core of the design.Delicate lines and pleasant shapes: everything is decorated in harmony.Scandinavian decor is very bright, so don't hesitate to add more light: reading lights, hanging lights, desk lamps, lighting everything in the space.
Add a large mirror to leave a deep impression of the space.The most commonly used material in Scandinavian decoration is the lampColored wood made of pine, mountain wool balls or oak is the most common.We use natural luminous materials.Here, we strive to create a warm atmosphere.
Feel free to add soft and fluffy materials.Mats, curtains, blankets, carpets...It is a comfortable atmosphere
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