stainless steel pendant light How to Mix Modern & Primitive Interiors

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
stainless steel pendant light How to Mix Modern & Primitive Interiors
The interior space decorated in the original style has the charm of rural style, creating a warm and warm atmosphere.On the contrary, modern interior design conveys a more modern and minimalist feeling.You can add a modern style to the original room without losing the quaint atmosphere, or you can add a comfortable, original feel to the modern space.Maintaining harmony and balance throughout the home will help to maintain visual pleasure when mixing modern and original styles in the interior space.The room was harmonious and pleasing to the eye.They rely on most furniture with similar features-Such as color, texture or textile.Some interior designers use the "80/20" rule, which works well in achieving good resultsBalanced combination of original and modern design.Decorate your room with one style of 80% and the other style of 20% of the rest.For example, add a modern version of a more modern chair for a country farm tableGive it a bit of a comfortable style restaurant.Instead, pause modern stainless steelCountry style steel pendant lightStyle bed or table and in the original-style room.Well-Balanced rooms are designed to be symmetrical or asymmetrical.The symmetrical and balanced rooms have the same furniture on both sides.For example, a position end table made of an old crate is equipped with matching lights on each side of the modern sofa to create a symmetrical balance of mixing the original and modern decorations.Asymmetry contains different items that provide the same visual weight to create balance.An example of asymmetry is the use of an original crate as a coffee table with a modern lamp on itStyle sofa while placing modern floor lamps next to an oversized antique jar on the other side.The height on both sides is equal and the bottom is heavier to create a pleasant balance.Creating a contrast layer between some original and modern furniture can provide visual interest without leaving the space in a design mess.Place rustic cabinets and kitchen cabinets in a modern dining space, in sharp contrast to the modern white walls.Fill the Hatcher's open shelves with similar contemporary accessories such as shiny silver bowls, vases, photo frames and candle holders.Add a modern color to the original interior decoration, such as a lime green vase with fresh flowers, decorated in a typical rich and simple color.Toss on smooth pillowsBlack crocodile leather gives a modern feel for neutral leatherOriginal color sofa.Size refers to the ratio or size of your furniture to the size of the room.For example, placing a huge sofa or sofa in a small room with a limited area will look awkward and will disturb the smooth flow of traffic in the room.Pay special attention to this principle when mixing unique modern and original decorations.Either style, a huge piece of furniture could overwhelm the room and distract attention from the overall harmonious look of the two mixed designs.
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