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San Jose, California has a unique mansion open to the public.It is called the Winchester Mystery House.This mansion was once the home of Sarah Winchester.She's the widow of William Winchester.William, son of Oliver Winchester, is known for producing and selling oil wellsWinchester repeat rifle.William and Sarah also had a daughter who died in 1866 of a mysterious childhood illness, malams.The Winchester Mystery House is a Victorian mansion of Queen Anne.Its scale and architectural style are recognized.How it was built and what made it part of other buildings.There is no overall building plan for construction.The building is a historic landmark of California and a landmark on the National Historic Site.The Winchester Mystery House is a privately owned hotel and is an ideal place for tourists to stay in Winchester.When Sarah Winchester's husband died in 1881, she inherited more than $20 million.Sarah also gained about half of her ownership at Winchester repeat arms.This means that Sarah Winchester earns about $2,000 a day.It is estimated that this is equivalent to the monetary value of $30,000 per day in 2012.According to the newspaper at the time, Sarah Winchester heard from a media outlet in Boston.The media allegedly told Sarah that her late husband, William Winchester, tried to contact her.He wanted Sarah to leave their home in Connecticut and go west.She then had to build a home for herself and for the souls of all those killed by Winchester rifles.Sarah was convinced that her inheritance was haunted by ghosts.She felt moving west and building a house was the only way she could calm her anger.Sarah Winchester purchased a large unfinished farmhouse and a large piece of land in 1884, just a few miles from the city of San Jose.This is a beautiful and peaceful place.She immediately began to build the building.Its construction will continue in the next 30 years.eight years.Carpenters and other construction workers were employed to work in shifts.The work is carried out every hour of the day.At the turn of the century, this House is a mansion with seven floors.There are several acres of farmland in the manor.There are walnut trees, plums and apricots in the orchard.Sarah Winchester also has her own home in Palo Alto, Atherton, and Los Altos, California.During the construction of the building, no architects were used.The construction inspector was not even used to check the safety of the construction work.The design and construction of the building is carried out at will.This leads to many strange features in it.It has stairs or doors and there is no place to go.There are windows overlooking other rooms.The stairs are made of a strange-sized riser.Many blame Sarah Winchester for her strong belief in the spirit that plagues the mansion.Some people call this mansion a house built by spirits.Once the work is done in a specific room, the best furniture is placed inside.Sarah Winchester likes beautiful things and tastes good in furniture.The train pulls cargo cars filled with silver and gold chandeliers, as well as Tiffany's art glass windows, silver and bronze inlaid doors, Switzerland, molded bathtubs, and more to arrive in San Jose on a regular basis.Everything was taken to the house, but most of it was not installed.When Sara Winchester died in 1922, there were several valuable pieces of furniture waiting to be placed somewhere in the house.The Winchester House is said to be under construction every day.Start with Sarah Winchester's nightfall.This is to help her make plans for the next day's construction work and to protect her from bad emotions.All the work was done by a sketch of Sarah Winchester's simple idea.In the morning, she will meet with the Foreman, John Hansen.He will try to turn her thoughts into reality.The house can be built in the week and then demolished and rebuilt in the following week.It is estimated that 500 to 600 rooms have been built in the house.Because so many rooms have been demolished and redone, it is difficult to get accurate numbers.It is estimated that there are still 160 rooms in the building.This mansion boasts impressive art glass windows, imported by Tiffany, New York, and customized in Austria.They are designed with a concave-convex glass frame and a brilliant design with sparkling jewelry.This mansion is very big. There are forty.Seven fireplacesThere are seventeen chimneys.The design of the window allows the sun to flow in the room.There are also hot air records that generate heat from the coal stove.The Winchester House has an elegant grand ballroom with few nails.There are silver chandeliers in Germany.There are two famous stained glass windows inscribed with Shakespeare.It is believed that dance halls have never been held.The Garden of Winchester building is designed in Victorian geometry.The front yard is impressive, with many exotic plants, and colorful flowers such as roses.Sarah Winchester often refers to a book about gardening when deciding what plants to use.This book is by.J.It was published in 1841.There are also some medicinal plants on the ground around the mansion.The exterior and interior of the building are equally watched.The architectural features of the Queen Victoria period.There are curved walls, turrets, cornice, balconies and more.There are even some spires that make the mansion look like a castle.She has made many rumors in the local community.Sarah Winchester was generous with her staff and paid double wages for their work.Many local charities often receive generous anonymous donations.As we all know, her face is always covered with dark veils, firing the servant who saw her face, even if it was by chance.Sarah Winchester did not sleep in the same room for two consecutive nights.When she is in the Blue Room, she will wear one of 13 special colored robes.She will try to talk to the soul here.There is a planchette board in the room, a device used to talk to the soul.There are pens, paper, tables and closets in the Blue Room.Compared to the rest of the home, its furniture is very scarce.She died of heart failure in September 5, 1922.Sarah Winchester was buried at the Evergreen Cemetery next to her husband.When she died, Winchester's house had 160 rooms, more than 1,999 doors and more than 9,900 windows.It also includes 47 fireplaces, 47 stairs, a dozen bathrooms and about six kitchens.Visitors can choose many tours to visit the Winchester Mystery House.http://www.Winchestermysteryhouse.525 Winchester Avenue(408) 247-Info @ winchestermysteryhouse.
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