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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-11-18

By today's standards, the house I was raised was small.The front door opens directly into the living room and always seems to be missing something.It wasn't until I started working on lighting and interior design that I realized what it was: the foyer or the entrance.When you enter a modern home today, the foyer will give you the first impression of home.If it is plain, undecorated, or monotonous, this impression usually lingers and affects the way you look at the rest of the house.If the foyer is small or too largeFurniture, you may have a feeling of being closedin or crowded.If the light in the foyer is not good, or the light does not enhance the whole entrance, you may leave a dark or even gloomy impression of home.Finally, if the lights in the foyer are dazzling, or excessive --Completion (for example, a chandelier may be too large) can create a tedious impression and may affect your impression of the owner.The key to lighting the foyer is that the size and style of the lighting equipment are suitable for this space, and the understatement is far better than the exaggeration in lighting.Choose a fixture that reflects the impression you want to achieve when visitors enter your home.The foyer lighting of your choice will definitely impress the guests.Your ultimate goal is to create a warm welcome for your visitors.The foyer may pose some challenges in choosing the right lighting.Since the foyer is not a real living (available) space, their proportions are often uneven, the furniture space is small, and there is often a lack of decorative features that can bring warmth and attraction.So if homeowners want to make the area warm and full of personality, proper lighting is critical.From accessories and wall colors to lamps and lanterns, your entrance should promote a coherent design.Keep in mind that all hanging devices are not chandeliers.The traditional way of lighting the foyer is the chandelier, but with the emergence of less noticeable pendants, the trend of pendant fixtures as the preferred fixture has gradually shifted.However, both the chandelier and the chandelier add to the drama and complexity of an area that might otherwise be dull and unattractive.Modern and traditional designs are available and should be coordinated with the lighting style used throughout the house.Some types of ceiling if your foyer or entrance is particularly small-The installed fixtures can complete the work of illuminating the area.Keep in mind that if the stairs enter the upper level of the home from the entrance area, the foyer lighting can be seen from the second floor.Make sure that from any angle any lighting you choose for the foyer looks good.Depending on the size and layout of the foyer, you may want to consider matching wall lights as a key part, keeping in mind that wall lights should always be above the eyes (66 x96 70 x94) to avoid the light from the light bulb.Sconces can also be used to illuminate adjacent stairs, like small chainshung lights.A decoration secret is to layer the light by using several different light sources.This can make the space soft and even visually expanded.If you have artwork in the foyer area, make sure the light of your choice highlights it without causing unnecessary attention.The use of the dimmer switch allows you to choose to create the correct light balance in the area, the use of the foyer mirror can usually make the area look bigger than it is now to provide your guests with a way to check their appearance, is there an added benefit? Especially when windy or other bad weather.* How much ambient light is there in the foyer?* What features or unique elements do I want to highlight in this area?* What is the use of the room?* From a architectural point of view, what type of lighting is feasible for the area?Finally, don't forget the resale value.There are two factors that are considered key to impress potential buyers: 1) curb attraction, and 2) first impressions gained when entering the home.I sincerely hope that this short article will provide you with the right perspective and mind --When you consider the lighting needs of the foyer area, you can set it up.
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