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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-04
Chandeliers are hanging lamps that can increase or reduce the overall decoration of any room.The brass chandelier is reminiscent of what it was a few decades ago, but you can update the brass chandelier with a little ingenuity and some spray paint.Turn Old shiny brass into a core that can complement many different decorative styles.If you like sparkling crystals, please keep the original ones or change them to a color that is coordinated with the design of your room.
Remove the bulb and crystal from the brass chandelier.If you plan to use the same crystals on your updated chandelier, clean them with a glass cleaner.
Wipe the chandelier with alcohol.Rubbing alcohol to remove fingerprints helps paint to attach better.Let the alcohol evaporate completely.
Paint the chandelier with the metal paint color of your choice.From refinement to leisure, the black chandelier works in many different environments.Nickel, bronze or platinum chandeliers complement the modern design of fashion.You can also update the brass fixtures by drawing the base in purple or blue tones to create the Gypsy chandelier.Ensure full coverage of brass;More than one or two coats may be needed.Allow the paint to dry between the coatings.
Re-Connect the cleaned crystal to the chandelier.Another way to update the chandelier is to change the color of the crystal to align with your new look.The black crystal hanging on the black chandelier creates a completely different look from the sparkling transparent crystal.The Gypsy chandelier is known for its colorful crystal array hung on the lamps.You can buy Crystal Silk and crystal prism from online retailers.
Add crystals to update the regular chandelier.Paint craft lines so you can make Crystal hangers that match the chandelier base.Cut the small wires and wrap them around the armrest of the chandelier, no matter where you want to hang the crystals.Look for glass trays installed on lamps in online Crystal retailers.There are six small holes around the tray where you can hang more crystals to update your chandelier.
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