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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-03
Turning on the lighting is an easy way to add character splash to the space.It is understandable that replacing a fixture can be intimidating, but this is not the case.Anyone can remove and replace the ceiling light with some tools and a little attention.
Before starting an electrical project of any size, be sure to turn off the internal switch and also the power supply of the circuit breaker box.
First, remove the old light by unscrewing the canopy and removing the wire connector.Wire connectors are plastic, taperedA hat twisted in the shape of the end of the wire.Usually red or white.Then unlock the two pairs of wires connected.
Open the new fixture and arrange the parts.Assemble New lights according to instructions.
Use a wire cutter to wire the new fixture to the length you need.This will vary depending on the size of the light and how many wires are in the existing box.
The wires on the new lights will be connected together and you will need to separate the two pieces.Cut the wire from the center with scissors so that each side is about 1 inch or 1 inch and a half long.
Using the wire cutter by clamping and pulling the cutter from the line, peel off about an inch of black wire coating on each line.Now your new fixture is ready for installation.
Before installing the new light, this is the electric box after the old light is removed.
By wrapping the exposed wires together, connect one end of the wire from the old fixture to the new fixture.When the two wires are wound to each other, place the wire connector at both ends and screw it up until it is fixed.Repeat this step with another pair of wires.
Usually, black wires are connected to each other, and white wires are connected to each other, but in some cases they are not distinguished.Follow the instructions on the new light to match the wires on the new fixture with the existing wires.
As with the steps above, two loose copper wires are connected together by wrapping both ends together.The purpose of the copper wire is to ground the wire clamp.
Add wire connectors at the end of the copper wire.
Put all the wires back into the electric box and screw them on the canopy.Power back on and now your new light is ready!
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