small hanging light fixtures diy: crystal chandelier for a wedding | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-03
The stunning crystal chandelier is an elegant way to add some luster to your wedding reception decor-but the store --The crystal chandelier you buy can cost a lot of money.Using simple light fixtures and items found in the crafts store, you can create your own custom crystal chandelier to add luster to your big day without destroying the bank.
Browse online pictures of home decor magazines or crystal chandeliers for the types of chandeliers you want to create.
Buy used or cheap chandeliers or light fixtures for your wedding theme.Consider big retailers such as thrift stores, antique stores or Home Depot or Loews to find places to hang lamps in cheap places.
With a clear fishing line, string small crystal beads together to create a long crystal silk.Cover these lines in various parts of the fixture so they can be hung loosely, pasted in place with hot glue, or fixed with additional fishing lines.
Use the earrings hook to hang large crystals on the bead string or directly on the lamp.Fix the end of the wire with pliers.
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