single hanging light Homemade LED Camping Lanterns

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-11
When camping, there are lights at night that will help you get back to the camp, the bathroom, or somewhere else.To get the kids excited about the upcoming camping trip, try making a homemade lantern with them that they can use on their own.Doing it together can be an interesting project and can be done without much.Description difficulty: moderately obtain a transparent glass mud tile tank with lid assembly.Untie the wire hanger and pull it out straight.Place the center of the hanger under the threaded area at the top of the Mason jar.Bend the two ends of the jar tightly.Twist both ends together and flush with the jar until the wire is fixed.Bend the rest of the wires at both ends.Twist them together to form a handle and cut off the excess with a wire cutter.Place the lid on the jar to make sure it will still tighten and remove it.Place a piece of adhesive Velcro on the inside of the lid close to one side.Use the opposite part of Velcro on a small lithium 3 volt button battery.Stick the battery to the lid.Connect the LED light lines to the paper clip by wrapping them at one end.Pull the outer end of the paper clip from the rest of the paper clip.Tie the paper clip firmly to the top of the lid close to the center.Use tape or other strong tape.Make sure it is close enough to the battery so that the part of the clip is pulled open to harden the battery.You can bend the split part of the paper clip away from the battery to turn off the light and bend it to touch the battery when you want to turn it on.Put the lid back on the Mason jar.The resource article by Tara DooleyTara Dooley has been written for various websites since 2008.She worked as an accountant.Serve as school director and retail manager in different locations.Dooley has a bachelor's degree in business administration and finance.
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