single hanging light dog fleas must be tackled with extreme care

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-17
The fleas on the dog are very powerful. be careful.Even if there is a loophole in cleaning up dog fleas, it will create enough space for pests to return and reproduceInfect your petHere are some simple but very effective ways to kill dog fleas.
The way to kill a dog fleasEasy to make a lemon spray can't be easier than making it, just squeeze out a half lemon juice in 8 ounces of water.Now put this lemon solution in a spray bottle and spray it on your pet.After spraying the pet, be sure to sort it out.Dog fleas hate the scent of lemons and they will stay away from your pets.
OrangesOranges is another family therapy for dog fleas.Cut the orange in half and rub on the pet's skin.You may need to separate the skin of the dog.The scent of the orange is very fresh, and if there is a flea on the dog, it will kill the dog flea.
Take a shallow bowl of water in a shallow bowl and fill it with soapy water. it is best to make soapy water with detergent.Place the bowl near the low hanging light source.The light must have a strong intensity so that the fleas are attracted to the bowl by the light.They will not be able to escape from the soap solution and will die.Put the dish in soapy water for about three or four days.
The dishwashing cleaner is more effective than any harmful flea shampoo in killing the fleas of the liquid.Bathe the dog with this liquid detergent and rinse it properly.This will kill all the fleas and keep your dog healthy and active.
White vinegar adds two caps of white vinegar to a bucket of water.After you wash the dog's hair, wash it properly and then wash it at the end with this water and vinegar solution.
The Flea will combine the pet with the pet and keep it clean and tidy, which will always keep the flea on the dog and even stay away from the pet.You have to check the fleas and ticks on the dog every day.Separate the fur and check for fleas or ticks.
In addition to regular room cleaning and cleaning, the lawn is also essential to keep the house safe from dog fleas and ticks.Use a very good quality flea repellent.Follow these measures to keep these harmful pests away from your house and pets.
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