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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-18
The way we maintain our homes is directly related to our attitude towards life.In today's world, people are increasingly concerned about making their houses as stylish as possible.Interior design is an area where more and more professional and technical talents emerge.
When we talk about interior design, hanging lights play an important role.Hanging lights are hanging lights installed inside the house.Improper placement of hanging light always makes our living room look bad.
Now let's take a look at some of the factors we have to consider before installing the hanging lights.It is best to install hanging lights above a table.For optimal lighting, the light should be 29 to 33 inch above the table.
It can be hung lower if you want, but always make sure it looks stylish.In some areas, the shape of the fixture will vary, so the height of the suspension will vary.If the pendulum is placed at the top of the table, soft light is preferred, and brighter light is required if at the top of other furniture.
Usually a big drum pendant is installed for small purposes.If we are using a rectangular table, it would be a better choice to hang more than one table.It enhances the light and gives the restaurant a classic look.
Hanging in a hallway or hallway adds to the beauty of our home.In a house with a high ceiling, the hanging lights are the most suitable.If you have a large auditorium in your home, hanging the same pendant would be a great choice.
Hanging lights should be installed at least 8 feet above the floor.Installing hanging lights in stair wells is a common practice today.This will provide more light and enhance the appearance of the stairs.
Hanging lings can be installed in the middle of the room.The furniture will be placed under the wall, usually a coffee table.Another place where hanging lights can be installed is the bedroom.
The lamp is mounted right above the foot of the bed.You must pay attention to keeping the proper height so that there is no risk of hitting your head when you are sitting in bed.It is always a hard job to install the hanging lights.
Since they are made of glass or crystal, be careful when we install them and do not damage them.There are many types of hanging lights available on the market;All you have to do is choose some of the best interior design for your home
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