simple pendant light How to Make a Lampshade Pendant Light

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-14
simple pendant light How to Make a Lampshade Pendant Light
Illuminate a dull or dark room with overhead chandelier --Made of lampshade.This project uses glue guns and the simplest lights to get a little bit of expertiseWiring tips, but the result is a cheap and delicious ceiling light --of-a-Economically satisfactory.Make a headlight for the restaurant or arrange a row of smaller pendants on the kitchen island.Cut the fabric to fit the normal drum shade with enough overlap between the bottom and the top to fold over the edges so you can stick it inside.When gluing the fabric to the shade, you may overlap the side seams for simplicity, but when the light is on, the doubled fabric will be displayed.If possible, install the side seams of the fabric precisely on the lampshade so that the ends do not overlap.Heat glue the fabric to the outside of the lampshade, fold the edges to the inside of the top and bottom, and glue them down.Around each of the top and bottom edges within the lampshade, simply cut a piece of Rogge ribbon on the edge for a neat finish.Remove the wire from the chandelier kit by unscrewing the nut that holds it inside and pulling the wire out of the canopy-A disc covering the ceiling holes and wiring.Pull the rope up through the central ring of the spider harp until the socket is flush with the harp.The lampshade will now be lifted from the lamp.Re-Pass the rope through the canopy and trim it so that the pendant hangs at the correct height.Fix the power cord with the nut you removed and other hardware to release it.Before installing the chandelier, turn off the power of the circuit breaker or fuse box.Ask an experienced friend to connect and hang the pendant for you, or ask an electrician to safely connect the pendant.If you are sure that simple wiring can be handled, use the voltage checker to make sure the power is off and then connect the mounting bracket and the wires.The light kit will come with instructions for connecting the wires.When you lift the pendant and fixture, a friend on the ladder will connect.Screw the canopy firmly onto the mounting bracket, adjust the pendant and screw into the correct wattage bulb.Turn the power back on, tap the switch and enjoy your new, cheap, decor --Specific chandelier.
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