silver dining room chandelier THE OTHER WHITE HOUSE

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silver dining room chandelier THE OTHER WHITE HOUSE
1995-04-04:00:00 PDT hillsgorau--HILLSBOROUGH -Legendary Bay Area architect Julia Morgan is known for his work at St Simon Hearst Castle.The luxurious Central Coast building is a task in which her elite fans in the construction world are allegedly confused and offended;San Simeon is very different from Morgan's simple symmetrical style of using wood and stone.But Hearst Castle is not her only return.Another monument to architectureAlso Entrusted by members of the Hearst family-This is different from the style she is familiar with and is a gorgeous 27,000-square-Foot mansion hidden behind high-end treesEl serito Street in Hillsboro.It was dubbed the Western White House because Georgian Colonial Properties deliberately imitated the real White House --To the blooming cherry blossoms and the library, it looks much like the famous Oval Office in Washington, D.C.C.There is a difference between the two white houses.The Hillsboro family sells $8 in the market.5 million.22 rooms with 3 roomsstory, 22-The rooms are located in a three-acre landscape.Through the French door, a walkway with a shed leads to the Rose Garden next to the outdoor pool.There's a white by the pool.The colonnade with bar and dressing room includes a dry sauna.There are 10 fireplaces in the House and marble is everywhere.Walls of the grand foyer and many rooms in the first roomThe floor was covered with silk covering to make the room sound-proof.The kitchen is equipped with six stainless steel sinks, a commercial indoor grill and two Varken ovens.Elevator for four peoplestory mansion.There are three grand cutsThe restaurant has glass chandeliers and at least one of them is Watford's.To clean up hundreds of pieces of glass, Morgan cut a trap door on the third floor so workers could lift the chandelier.Don't worry about wardrobe space.Two full rooms are dedicated to the storage of the owner's wardrobe, and there is also a mechanical hanger, just like you found at the dry cleaners.The current owner, Rosemary Eckersley Ashley, has a room that only wears a ballroom gown and the other that only wears fur.The property is facing the river on three sides and has guards-dog kennels.For those buyers who feel like they are president and have money, this is a luxury house, 15 times more than a regular California house, offering almost as much Gulf history as the White HouseS.history.Hillsboro mansion is a legacy of George HearstThe eldest son of the heart of the publishing giant William Randolph has entrusted Hearst Castle.In 1930, young Hurst turned to Morgan to redesign Hillsboro's property, which was badly damaged in a fire three years ago.Before that.Hillsboro's house is owned by the Crocker family.Starting with silver baron Charles Frederick Crocker in the 1870 s, he bought the house from the Manor of the ranchers William Henry Howard.According to the records of the San Mateo County Historical Association, Howard built this huge house in 1878 with an Italian stone sculptor and used a saw bed on the spot to make the wood on the Swiss Cottagelike design.The owner remembers that the house was passed down through the Crocker family and sold it to Burlingame contractor Charles Lundgren, who moved the house to 25 miles from El Cerrito Street in 1915The relocation is to take advantage of the lush landscape and the creek on El Cerrito Street.As an engineering achievement, the relocation of the house was written in the popular Journal of Mechanics, and after Hearst bought the property, it was difficult to separate knowledge from facts.It is said that Hearst intends to hand over the Western White House to the United States.S.Some kind of trust that the government or president can use when visiting California.This has never happened, and Hearst sold the house without living in it.At the age of 1940, the house was purchased by a family of shoe tycoons, the galencapps family, while Nancy Ann Abbott, in her 1950 s, lived in the house.She was filled with presidential memorabilia at home.Five different families have lived at home since then, including T.Foster City and Jack Foster, founder and developer of Nancy Berris, heir to the savings loan.According to an old newspaper in the San Mateo Times, John and Yoko Lennon intend to buy the house in early 1970, but they withdrew from the deal at the last minute.Ashley Eckersley, who was transplanted from the Montecito affluent beach community near Santa Barbara, bought the house eight years ago and has invested an estimated $2 million, including silk wall coverings, faux renovations and modern appliances.She and her husband Norman Eckersley, a retired banker, plan to move to the city after the house is sold.Anne Riley, a Corville Banker real estate agent who is dealing with the listing, said, "the names of Morgan and Hearst and the unique white house design add value to (such an expensive house.But it is these amenities, as well as modern upgrades to plumbing, electrical wiring, and heating systems, that make this historic place now livable."The house has a delicate solar heating system and 1,000 amps of electricity.Although they are wealthy, many other old mansions have not yet experienced these upgrades.Hillsboro's average home price last year was just under $1 million.So even for upscale Hillsboro, the west side of the White House must attract a unique qualified buyer.I don't think it's too hard.There must be enough superRich people who want to make special statements through their homes.Bradley Inman is the Bay Area.San Francisco Bay Area: livable community is a guide to affordable and unique places by author (San Francisco foehorn Press, 800-842-$7477, $1992, $12.95, 300 pages).<
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