shop light fixtures How to Troubleshoot a Bad Fluorescent Lamp Fixture

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
shop light fixtures How to Troubleshoot a Bad Fluorescent Lamp Fixture
Fluorescent lamps are common in both residential and commercial environments.The typical life of the fluorescent bulb is 8,000 to 15,000 hours, and the working time of the ballast usually exceeds 50,000 hours.Fixtures manufactured since 2000 are generally not starter, only ballast.The trouble shooting of these fixtures is divided into four basic categories--Power supply, bulb holder and ballast.The simplest problem is the power supply problem, so start with the system process of tracking the trend.Use a contactless voltage tester at the circuit breaker box to check if the circuit breaker is on and if there is a power supply in the output wire of the circuit breaker.Next, remove the switch cover and check if there is a power supply at the switch.Finally, turn on the light switch, remove the fixture cover and check if there is a power supply at the fixture.If there is a power supply at each point, please continue to check the bulb.Bulbs are the most common problem with bad fluorescent lamps.Look for a dark area at the end of the bulb;If you see one, the light bulb is either bad.A new one.If it is a two-bulb or four-Bulb fixture, replace the tube pairing.If the bulbs are all working properly, please continue to check the bulb holder.The bulb holder is a rare cause of poor fluorescent fixation, but the internal brass spring clamp may break.Check the faulty bulbs by rotating them into the clip;When the electrode of the bulb is connected, there should be a clear stop.If not, the clip is weak and needs to be replaced.Please replace the clip if there are any burn points.Non-check if voltage existsAfter turning on the power supply, the contact voltage tester at each clip.Turn off the power supply and verify it with a contactless voltmeter.Check the continuity of each clip through the output wire of the ballast;If not, please replace the clip.Ballast is the core of fluorescent lamp--It provides the high voltage required to ignite the bulb, as well as the current control to prevent the bulb from quickly failing due to excessive current.If there are no other factors that cause the lamp to fail, the ballast is the culprit.Can only be tested under load;In order to ensure the order of work, replace the ballast with a known working device.Unfortunately, replacing a ballast is usually more expensive than buying a brand new fixture.
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