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Interesting Facts: The first ceiling fan appeared in 1860s and 1870s in the United States.They are driven by tap water along with the turbine to drive a belt system that will turn two bladesBlade fan unit.Some of these systems still exist and can be seen in some parts of the Southern United States where they originated.* Most ceiling fans rely on electricDurable, energy-efficient power motorEfficient Design for Life-Comfortable and healthy time.In addition, ceiling fans and fan lamps have become an indispensable feature to create a perfect home environment with costSave the beauty of function and style.To celebrate Father's Day, Capitol Lighting offers more reasons to invest in ceiling fans and ceiling fan kits with the best promotional value of Monte Carlo fans.Use on-line and in-Store savings this week.Visit the Capitol lighting showroom and see a variety of high quality ceiling fans.Lighting professionals will help you invest wisely and customize the right design for your home.Capitol-wise Fan-Size problem: Please select 50-for maximum efficiency-to 56-Ceiling fans in up to 225 square feet and larger rooms;36-to 44-144 square feet inch fan for medium size rooms;and29-to 32-The small room has an inch fan of up to 75 square feet.
Get the right height: Install ceiling fans above the floor 7 feet in the center of the room for maximum comfort, safety and aesthetics.The best placement is 8 or 9 feet above the floor.
Satisfactory Blade: The fan blade determines the amount of air circulating throughout the room.Ceiling fan blade bracket should be positioned to keep the blade at 12-15 degree angle and weighted and matched as a balancing device to avoid fan jitter.The larger the blade angle, the more air circulation.Ceiling fans less than 12 degrees will not circulate air, and the efficiency will be reduced.The blade shall be made of wood or acrylic resin and sealed and treated to resist humidity.
Know your motor: the core of each ceiling fan is the motor.The motor is responsible for generating quiet operation while driving the blade for air movement.Look for high-High quality motor-Permanently lubricated working winding and sealed bearing.High quality motors are designed to work perfectly during growth times and some are guaranteed to last-Time for your fans
Strong finish: high quality finish can resist blistering, discoloration, fading and corrosion.The less advanced finish on the fan blades can peel off, bubble and corrosion quickly.
Vigilant warranty: buy from reputable dealers who support the quality of the item.Fan motors and components are guaranteed for at least three years.A high quality fan motor may include a lifetime warranty.
Light It Up: choose the light kit to complement the room decor and add the feeling of finishing the finishing touches.Capitol Lighting offers a wide range of lighting and fan fixtures.Opal, marble, crystal, stained glass and hand blown glass can be added to fitters or fixed curtains for a unique, stylized design.
Investment in quality control: Portable handThe hand-held control or complex wall control system provides excellent versatility and convenience.The control system can provide up to six fan speeds (forward or reverse) and full range dimming for maximum comfort and environment.Take advantage of Father's Day Savings and the largest choice of ceiling fans and accessories for Capitol Lighting, for several reasons: Over the past 10 years, ceiling fans have become more advanced in replenishing AirAir conditioning system in summer and heating system in winter.
If used frequently, fans may reduce energy consumption by up to 40% in the summer and 10% in the winter.
Decorated ceiling fans are popular, not only in your main room, but also in the terrace, balcony, kitchen and bathroom.When installing in an outdoor or Bath area, be sure to purchase a ceiling fan kit designed for wet areas.Visit the Capitol lighting showroom to learn more about lifeAdd quality fan products to the time advantage of your home environment and check out these extraordinary innovations from Monte Carlo fan :-5DH52 "designer hug" flush mounted ceiling fan perfect for rooms with lower ceilings.Broused pewter, espresso white, "Old Chicago", Roman bronze and textured white are all available.-3SU54 "Studio" 3-blade ceiling fan, an energy-Star-rated classic design for home or office with brushed tin, matte black, Roman bronze or white.-"Cheetah" 5-leaf ceiling fan with "old Chicago" finish and charming handsCheetah blade.-5str52 bs "star-Tech "5-leaf ceiling fan, an inspired combination of architecture, engineering and sculpture made up of brushed steel and mahogany veneer blades.This is not all ...... Congress lighting offers a great choice for Monte Carlo's fan light fixtures.From Tiffany glass to antlers inspired creations, ceiling fan accessories customize fans for your eyes-Attractive energywise finish.You can tell the old father an interesting fact: the "silver tsunami" refers to the 78 million baby boomers who are close to retirement age this year.This rapidly growing segment of the population of people aged 65 and over is expected to double between 2010 and 2050.According to the American Association of retirees, about 8000 people are now 65 years old every day in the United States.* These new elderly people lead a positive and healthy lifestyle and choose to grow old gracefully in their own homes.The lighting industry has been actively redefining the lighting design and has begun to technically improve the lighting to make it possible.Residential lamps and lighting products designed for the elderly are available on the shop and Capitol Lighting Network.Bathing your loved ones with lights: older people's eyes are easier to grow --It is greatly affected by glare.Use portable fixtures and lighting when watching TV to reduce the contrast between the bright screen and the darkness around the room.
Use a desk lamp or torch lamp to provide lighting and downlights for soft, evenly distributed lighting.
Look for lights with independent adjustable lights to facilitate tasks such as sewing and reading.
Upgrade to better quality bulbs.Ideally, full-Spectral lighting will help reduce eye fatigue, increase energy and promote a sense of healthbeing.For older eyes, lighting professionals recommend using CFLs and LEDs with warm tones.Check the color temperature of the bulb package to be 2700-3000 K (Kelvin ).You can also find 80 CRI (color rendering index) or more ).
No magic-size-fits-all light--Because of the great difference in personal vision;Adjust the lights and lighting accordingly using the dimmer.
To further control the glare, select the correct fixture to shield.
To maximize convenience, safety and security, invest in automatic timer, touch control and manualheld controls.Ceiling fan kits, ceiling fixtures, and portable fixtures can be easily used with remote controls and automatic timers.
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