set of 3 pendant lights amezcua – the new face of harmonized energy

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-21
In today's fast-paced life, people no longer have time to sit down and relax.Harsh work schedules and long commute times make people feel tired and tired.Increasing levels of pollution and e-commerceSmog has further reduced one's productivity and increased levels of stress and other food.In such a time, there is an urgent need to find a way to charge and motivate yourself without taking time out of a busy schedule.Qnet coordinated energy product line Amezcua is the perfect solution to such problems.Amezcua offers a range of health products such as lifestyle collection, Bio Disc, E-Shield, Pewter Bio disc, straw, energy case and Chi pendant.Each product has a unique advantage for a specific audience.Their research team is constantly looking for ways to improve and further develop the product.Here are some of the best and most popular products the company offers.1) The Chi pendantchi pendant is designed to provide continuous protection for a busy and stressful life.This is a mineral pendant made of high temperature nano material, very advancedEngineering glass with high positive energy field.Wear a Chi pendant to make you feel refreshed and refreshed.You will experience a high level of energy, a sense of balance and increased harmony.The pendant is also neutral, which in turn protects the wearer from electronicsSmoke is produced by electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, microwaves, etc.2) Bio Disc 2Bio Disc changes the way we look at water.When it was first introduced in 2006, it changed people's perception of coordinating and redefining the energy of water, highlighting its positive impact on the human body.Some of the tests carried out over the years have strengthened and demonstrated the positive impact and coordination capabilities of biological disks on energy in the water.Drinking water treated with a Bio CD can make you feel refreshed, refreshed, promote the transfer of nutrients, and enhance the biological compatibility of water.It can correct the energy imbalance and redistribute the gathered energy in your body.
to use.3)E-GuardThe E-Guard is a revolutionary health solution that protects you from the disadvantages of e-commercesmog.It is a discreet label that can be placed on laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices that emit harmful radiation.The E-Guard has also been shown as a precaution to effectively absorb the problematic radiation frequency and convert it into a more compatible radiation frequency with our body.It activates and supports the natural defense and energy system of our body and helps us feel more focused and energetic.4) the lifestyle suit consists of three aluminum energy plates;Amezcua drinks, Amezcua Eat, and Amezcua Move are all about ensuring that no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, tools are always equipped to ensure a healthy lifeEach disc has a unique energy frequency designed to coordinate the energy level and make you feel energetic and focused.The lifestyle makes your drink vibrant, makes your drink and food taste better, and helps you jump at the pace.Its aluminum composition makes it light, sturdy and corrosion-resistant.5) The Straw straw is a device that can quickly rejuvenate your drink and improve the taste, making you feel refreshed and energetic.Convenient, light and easy to carry.When the drink used becomes more water, the harmony and energy level of the user is improved.It adds nutrients to make your water more biocompatible.The focus of Amezcua is to improve the energy level of the human body and promote the improvement of the harmonious level.It aims to provide quality health products while promoting a balanced lifestyle and improved body and mind.It has a wide range of products, making sure everyone has their own things.Amezcua aims to improve people's energy and harmony level every day and is therefore an ideal product for today's busy times.
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