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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-26
Slip-Ups in the operating room can cause costly errors.To avoid mistakes, surgeons should use OT with good lighting.This helps them to perform the operation accurately.
Therefore, choosing the right Operating Room Lights is critical for a hospital or healthcare center.Before the invention of the LED light, the traditional light bulb (Incandescent Lamp) will illuminate the OTs.They pose many challenges to surgeons.Accurate color reproduction is such a problem.
Due to the darker color inside the body, they absorb the light and look darker.It is important for the surgeon to see clearly the internal anatomy of the body.The color rendering index (CRI) light source between 85-100 gives the surgeon the best visibility.
Incandescent lamps cannot provide this, resulting in poor color reproduction.Now, the LED-based operating room light solves this problem.They provide the above 90-second CRI for true color reproduction.
In addition, for more accurate surgical procedures, surgical lights have included light intensity and color adaptability in these systems.These systems will also reduce the eye irritability of OT Chinese and foreign medical doctors and other staff.The shadow formed due to the light source is another factor that the surgeon is worried about.
The incandescent lamp consists of a light bulb and multiple reflector.Each face of the reflector has a different shape and is different from the distance of the bulb.When blocked, it produces light and cold points, thus forming a shadow.
In the LED system, each LED is round and single.They overlap exactly to avoid shadows.Another major problem facing the surgeon is the heat released by the lamp.During operation, the light source is closer to the patient's body in order to obtain focus intensity.
Traditional lights release heat.
This burns the tissue.
On the other hand, the led does not release any heat.It is absolutely safe to use them in surgical procedures that require strong attention.When choosing Operating Room Lights, attention should be paid to their adaptability.
Improper installation of ceiling mounted lighting systems is a common hazard in OT.S avoid this problem by providing a disinfection handle on the system.It can help people adjust the light as needed.
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