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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-07

Do you think you are modern in home decoration?Modern interior design originated from simple design movements such as Bauhaus, decorative arts and mid-haus in the early 20 th centuryModern styling from the early centuries of 1950 and 60.The most popular example of modern furniture is the chairs of the German Bauhaus school, including the Cesca and Wassily Chairs of Marcel brewer, which are based on their clean lines and economies of scaleThe same is true for the Barcelona chairs of Mies van der Rohe and the Eames recliner and ottoman chairs of Herman Miller.These classics combine elements of modern art and architecture.Many furniture manufacturers have copied these classics because they are valuable and difficult to find.Before you start buying accessories and furniture, here are some of the features of modern decor that will move you in the right direction.Many modern homes include a delightful combination of stylish design and medium designElements of century design.No clinically severe interior and over-decorated rooms.Delicate, light, airy, straight lines, smooth and smooth surface.Abstract and geometric shapes are the opposite of gorgeous decoration.The use of aluminum, light wood, acrylic, stone and fiberglass is a sign of modern interior design.Modern interior design has the best style of the past modernist movement.The focus is on the shooting of curves, neutral backgrounds, bold colors, natural textures and open spaces.Stick to these simple guidelines when you decorate your home, and you will enjoy modern decor unconsciously.An example of modern fabrics is a new generation of eco-friendly fabricsFriendly textileIn the past, modern upholstery fabrics included leather, velvet, barkcloth and horse hair.Based on fair trade practices, natural dyes, organic growth conditions and sustainable fibers, social responsibility ushered in a new wave of fabrics.These fabrics are durable, comfortable in texture and visually pleasing.Cotton, hemp, silk, linen is a good choice.However, cannabis, aca hemp and bamboo fabrics are becoming more and more popular.This is because they have the least impact on the environment from harvesting to manufacturing.Imagine a monochrome color scheme based on neutral tones, such as beige, gray, brown, cream and white, if you like.This palette may be a boring height for some, but neutral actually promotes harmony and calm.Increase interest by introducing contrasting colors, black accents, bold pillows or bright carpets.The lighting creates an atmosphere for the modern home, but it can also be used as a design statement.Just like any interior design style, your home should be balanced in terms of natural, general, mission and focused lighting.The choice of lighting style is unlimited in each category.Modern lighting options provide functionality and form in a neat package.For example, an Italian desk lamp made of shiny chrome with an plexiglass lampshade that provides perfect task lighting.Sculpture lamps made of molded silicone provide soft ambient light.Which of these styles matches your personality and lighting needs?Modern chandeliers can be joked with curved wire arms or classic designs such as rectangular dining fixtures made of wood and brushed nickel.Vintage-style Arco floor lamp curves, elegant arcs create overhead lighting.Rail lighting is also a good choice.It is easy to install and can focus on specific areas, artwork and accessories.Look for furniture with simple lines and few decorations.The soft cushion should be made of natural fabric or leather, preferably neutral solid color.Materials for dining rooms and temporary chairs, tables and bookshelves include wood such as poplar trees, ash and mountain hair trees-Modern Danish style, plexiglass, glass and silvertone metals.Carpet as little as possible.The bare floors of colored concrete, tiles and wood add to the clean nature of the modern design.You can create a little bit of warmth with the jute, seaweed or shag carpet, these are all great options.Or try to introduce colors and patterns with geometric or abstract wool carpets.Maintain design consistency with light and ventilated window treatments, blinds, or shade shades of color mixed with walls.This creates an open feeling in the smallest room.Wood Blinds, honeycomb curtains and curtains woven from natural fabrics keep the lines simple and perfect for any modern room.The artwork includes a variety of different media and styles.It has two distinct features: expressionist and abstract.Including Surrealism, Cubism, Savage, abstract expressionist, post-Impressionist and symbolismExperts define modernism as works created between the 1960 s and 1930 before and after World War II.Art is an investment and a very private statement.All design elements are one of the most decisive features in your home artwork, so choose carefully.Whether your choice is wild, whimsical, or gentle, thought-provoking, find artwork that reflects your personality and the tone of your modern family.Home accessories are the last floor of any home design.A key feature of modern decoration is the use of handCreated decorative pieces.Find local artisans through galleries and art festivals.Look for colors and designs that blend with your preferred palette.Focus on accessories made of natural materials such as glass and reflective metal.Keep well-Accessories are selected at least.Remember, clutter is taboo in modern families.
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