rectangular crystal chandelier dining room How to Choose the Right Size Dining Room Light

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-21
rectangular crystal chandelier dining room How to Choose the Right Size Dining Room Light
Whether it's brass, lead glass or a horse wheel, the chandelier will make a design note when hanging above the table.The early chandelier projected soft light in a great room and had to be lowered to a clean and tidy location.Today's model is driven and regulated by electricity.Once you decide what kind of restaurant style chandelier you want, remember that it only lights up the area below it and around it;You may need lighting or additional lighting in order to illuminate the corner or service area.A central light fixture of the right size will help determine what supplementary lighting you need.Measure your table.The American Lighting Association recommends adjusting the diameter of the chandelier to a size of 12 inch smaller than the minimum width of the table.Because in a room, the recommended height above the table is 8-The ceiling of the foot is 30 inch, and you may subtract a few inches from it so that the head does not hit when the diners enter and exit the table.Match the scale of the fixture to the ceiling height.The chandelier height of each foot is increased by 1 inch, and the ceiling height is more than 8 feet.A 12-The foot ceiling lifts the chandelier to at least 34 inch above the table.If the ceiling is high, you can use a larger chandelier to match the size of the room, not the size of the table;With the rise of the chandelier, "clearance" is no longer a problem.Install the chandelier according to the proportion of the room.Add two dimensions of the room in feet and get the diameter of the chandelier in inches.A 32-Inch chandelier looks great on 12-by-20-Walking restaurant, but overwhelmed a room only 10 feet wide and 15 feet long.Consider perception.While their overall size may be the same, an informal starburst modern chandelier using lights --LEDs will look wider than a formal, compact "crystal" Chandelier.Also, consider using a rectangular chandelier for a long table, or usually with one or more leaves;Something round or square may look rough.
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