recessed lighting how to install halo eyeball recessed lighting | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-17

Halo produces a range of embedded lighting solutions that use eye decoration.This decoration has a rotating device that can adjust it to shine in different positions of the room.It is installed on a Halo embedded lighting device with the correct specifications.For example, a 3-Inch embedded fixture use 3-Eye trim in inches.The main difference in fixtures is between the renovation of the existing ceiling and the new building, where the ceiling does not exist.In either case, the same process is required to install the eye lamp.View the inside of the recessed housing and pay attention to fixing the wing nut on the mounting plate, which has a socket.Unscrew the wing nut by turning it counter-clockwise.Press the bracket to pull down the socket assembly down and press down the black label of the socket to remove the plate that presses the socket.Insert the socket into the back of the eye trim, and when you slide the socket in place, press and hold the black label on the socket.Listening to the Click indicates that the socket is safe in the decoration.Pay attention to the two spring clips on the side of the eye trim.Squeeze the ends of each spring clip against each other and slide them into the guide rail inside the embedded lighting housing.Push the eye trim into the recessed enclosure until flush with the ceiling.
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