real crystal chandelier The Four Best Wedding Venues In Houston TX

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-05

There are many wedding places in Houston TX!There are many wedding venues in Houston, Texas.You can choose d when you decide to get married in Houston©From the casual countryside to the absolutely elegant countryside.The list of reception halls for Houston TX and other possible wedding venues is very extensive.I recently helped my neice plan her wedding in Houston and I was surprised by the huge selection of wedding venues in Houston TX.Here are the four most impressive ones by preference.#1.This is our choice, because we are all nature lovers at home.If you and your loved ones enjoy the beauty and drama of nature, you will love Ashton Gardens, the most unique of the Houston wedding venues, the glass chapel nestled deep in the forest.The wedding day is a real spiritual experience, and the sun shines through the trees.A night-Candlelight Wedding is an experience that no one will forget.After the wedding, the bride and groom walked along a large staircase into a beautiful ballroom with crystal chandeliers overlooking the gorgeous garden, with breathtaking lights and fountains.#2.This is also due to the beautiful natural landscape, which is the second close.For a professionally planned wedding, every detail must be attended. Be sure to investigate the admiral at the endeavor Wharf on the Clear Lake.Of all the wedding venues in Houston, the Admiral is really the most amazing.Your guests will remember the beauty of your wedding for a long time, thanks to the dazzling views provided by the transparent glass wall overlooking the Clear Lake.If you are planning a big wedding (up to 250 guests), you should choose the ballroom of the Admiral.If you plan a smaller happy event (up to 50 guests), please choose the captain's dorm.In any case, you will be sure to be satisfied with the professional spirit displayed by the event planner on Clear Lake.#3.We really like this because of this country.Like a convenient environment.For a unique combination of privacy and convenience, there is no better Houston wedding venue than Houston Signature Manor.Located on four acres of private land in the city center, this luxurious wedding location features two magnificent stairs, an absolutely gorgeous crystal chandelier and the service of a very competent wedding planner, they take care of every little detail and make sure everything is coordinated with the color of your wedding.You can even provide a personalized dance floor for your reception, and you can also choose on-site expert catering or your own catering service.In order to enjoy luxury, in the reception hall of Houston TX, you will not find a better choice than the big Manor.#4.This place is not suitable for us because of the city's environment, but it is a beautiful, charming, historically important environment and a great value!Lancaster Houston historic hotel is located in the center of Houston, with a superior location and elegant wedding.This historic building (about 1925) features beautiful and timeless European architecture.Decorated with real 19th-century art, this spacious Houston wedding venue is the perfect place to host a wedding that can accommodate up to 150 guests.The happy couple will enjoy the convenience and surprising price of the wedding package Suite pricing.Accommodation is a real value in this elegant setting, including valet parking, champagne and chocolate strawberries, and free breakfast.
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