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12 sets, counting...The Lego Modular series debuted in 2007 and is one of the most popular Lego collections ever.These buildings are called "modules" because the floor will fall off and reveal the interior of the decoration, and the building itself can be locked together to form streets and the whole city.Currently, the series includes 12 modular buildings.Two sets were released in 2007, and one each year thereafter.Hopefully Lego will continue to add more to this great collection!We 've included all the sets below so you can see photos of the outside and inside.If you would like to start or join the Lego Modular series, keep in mind that some of them have retired and others will continue to retire over time.Once retired, it is very difficult (and very expensive) to buy a suit ).Please note that the inside photos are not included in the cafe corner and Market Street suits as they are not furnished otherwise all the other suits have interior decorations.Lego modular buildings are listed below in the order of release...2007 -Cafe Corner -2007 -Market Street (factory )-2008 -Green Grocer -2009 -Fire Brigade -2010 -Big Mall-2011 -2012 -Town Hall -2013 -2014 -2015 -2016 -2017 -Rally Square (10 th Anniversary Edition-Of course, in the years to come, we want Lego to add more buildings to this modular town, because it still lacks a lot of community infrastructure, such as library, post office, school, church hospital, doctor/dentist clinic, museum, police station, etc!Lego cafe-Released in 2007.Contains 2,040 pieces.Cafe Corner (set #10182) has retired for a long time, so the suit is hard to buy and expensive, but still one of the best in the series.Cafe Corner is the first release in the series with no furniture, but it may be the highest architectural detail in all modular buildings.With enough debris, you can even copy the second floor to make the hotel as high as possible!Of course, the fact that it doesn't have furniture is not a drawback either, as you can also decorate the interior the way you want it!Lego Market StreetReleased in 2007.Contains 1,236 pieces.The Market Steet (set #10190) is the rarest and the most expensive of all modular buildings at the moment.This is partly due to the confusion that was originally posted around it.Market Street was released as a "factory" model based on the concept of hobby builders.Most people don't think it's really part of the modular series.When Lego makes it very clear that it is, it has retired and it is already difficult to purchase.Just like the cafe corner, there is no furniture for the set of the Market Street, and if you can provide it yourself, it is like the cafe corner with no big drawbacks.However, the Market Street group is much smaller than the other groups in the series;However, these two "sides" (like pet shops) are detachable, so you can use this to mix the look and feel of your street.Lego green grocery storeReleased in 2008.Contains 2,335 pieces.The green grocery store (set #10185) is the third version of the modular series and has since retired.This is the first piece of furniture and Lego has done a great job in this area.In addition to the production stand, cash register, etc., the lower floor of the store contains a complete wall refrigerator.Collectors who have just lovedThe interior details are almost as good as the exterior elements, such as the bay windows on the second and third floors and the striped awning on the production table.Lego Fire BrigadeReleased in 2009.Contains 2,216 pieces.The fire brigade (set #10197) has an interior with furniture, but it is unusual that it has only two floors, not the usual three.This is because there is a ceiling on the first floor that allows fire engines to enter.The top floor is beautifully decorated with a kitchenette and Lounge, including a sofa and peaceTable tennis for firefighters!The fire truck has some wonderful retro details, and the bells and buckets on the roof and the American flag in front really add to its overall charm.Lotte mallReleased in 2010.Contains 2,154 pieces.Perhaps a little more basic in appearance, the big mall (set #10211) has nothing inside.After Harrod \'s in London, the big mall has a clothing store on the first floor, connected to a household goods store on the second floor through an escalator, and connected to a toy store on the third floor through an escalator.There is a large atrium throughout the third floor with a large crystal chandelier on the top, a revolving door entrance to the front door, and a window display.There is even a dressing room on the first floor, and the billboard on the roof is an iconic touch!Lego Pet Shop -Released in 2011.Contains 2,014 pieces.The Pet Shop (set #10218) contains three fully furnished floors, unlike the other floors in the series, as it is actually two separate buildingsby-side.On the one hand, you have a pet shop with an apartment, and on the other hand, additional apartments.These two modular sections can be put together or scattered elsewhere in your modular town.When separated, the two "sides" are each half of the width of a common modular building, so the difference adds diversity to other similar streets.This is a great choice for any pet lover!I especially liked the wall painter they included, who was the "repro" of the apartment "!Lego City Hall-Released in 2012.Contains 2,732 pieces.City Hall (set #10224) is the largest set of all modular buildings.It's also the only elevator with an elevator, very interesting.There are Mayor's Office, board meeting room, City Hall meeting area, etc.The Lego role play is very interesting!This may feel a little "four-way" from the outside, but the interior is great.I especially like the bride and groom and the wedding photographer!Lego Palace TheaterReleased in 2013.Contains 2,169 pieces.The Palace Cinema (set #10232) is a step back to the fire brigade as it also has only two levels.The first floor is the concession area and lobby, and the second floor is a large screen with a projector and theater-style seating.The Palace cinema is even equipped with limo and spotlight for the opening night.What movie will your Lego characters watch next?What movie stars will they meet on opening night?This toy has a lot of fun LEGO Imagination!Restaurants in ParisReleased in 2014.Contains 2,469 pieces.The restaurant in Paris (set #10243) is fantastic.It contains three levels, each of which is different and contains many interesting and creative details.For example, the kitchen includes everything in the world.Best-in-class chefs may want it, and the art studio is perfect for a first-budding Picasso work with easel, paint and several finished oil paintingsYou may only need to open a gallery to showcase your work in Lego Town!The architecture on the exterior is also first-class.I especially like the stone in the chimney, all the flowers and green are an extra feeling.It really made me want to go to this restaurant for an afternoon snack or an elegant dinner outside.Personally, I found this building to be the most interesting!Detective LegoReleased in 2015.Contains 2,262 pieces.Not only does the Lego detective firm (set #10246) have a detective firm, but also an affiliated barber shop and pool hall.Like other previous features, this set has a lot of details (both internal and external) and several new features like hidden safe, pull flush-Access to toilets, pool tables and shops through the open center "Atrium.As far as we are concerned, we are disappointed with the theme of Lego like detective firm, because there are many other towns where "necessities" are missing like schools, hospitals, post offices, police stations and librariesWhat do you think?This is a great set of toys, but is the Lego toy a bit off track with this one?Let us know in the comments below.Lego bricks BankReleased in 2016.Contains 2,380 pieces.The new Lego Brick Bank (episode 10,251st), which debuted in January 20, is outside a great new Lego building city.The bank itself has your standard bank image with gorgeous buildings, a large court, a trading counter with safety glass, and of course a vault with a safe deposit box.Upstairs is a secretarial office with typewriters and coffee machines, and the Office of the bank manager is beautifully decorated.However, this modularity is not only a bank, but also a laundromat on the corner of the first floor with 4 laundromat.In conclusion, this makes a practical and interesting addition, whether or not it means that your town dwellers will actually use the facilities as expected, or lift them up with a gun, so that the police will have to beOh wait, there's no modular police station yet...Yes, it did bring some difficulties!Lego Assembly SquareThe coming January 2017Contains 4,002 pieces!Can you believe that the Lego module has been in existence for 10 years?They have!Corner Cafe was first released in 2007, and now Lego has just announced a new model of their 2017 Assembly Square (set #10255), which marks the 10 years of Lego's modular building!At this auspicious moment, Lego has gone all out to create one of the most exquisite modules yet --The number of pieces of 4,002 pieces proves this fact!This is almost double the corner of the original cafe!Unfortunately, the higher price makes this out of my budget, but you get a treat if you can get one --As shown above!Not only is there a ground floor bakery, Florida store and cafe©But in the middle-Premium music store, photo studio and dental office and upper floorA level dance studio with a rooftop terrace and an apartment for barbecue.The details are absolutely amazing!I was one of the original cafe corner builders who called Lego to let them know that while I really appreciated the outside details, I felt like the interior needed to be decorated as well.Lego obviously took my advice (and the advice of others) because in that department, each set continues to improve --Assembly Square is by far the best design in my opinion!This video shows a very interesting Lego idea!OK, let's say you just discovered the Lego Modular building and want to create a very big, super cool Lego town, but the retired Lego module is out of your budget --what do you do?Combine multiple sets to create a bigger building!The first time I saw this idea was someone building a second "middle floor" for the cafe"©Make it a higher corner.I thought it was a cool idea, I bought my own work and made an extra floor for my own Cafe©Corner!However, the video below shows a Lego block that combines two identical toys into a larger building, which is cooler than ever!In addition, buying two sets of retail packages today is still much cheaper than buying one set of retirement packages.What do you think of this idea?Have your own modules...For more great pictures and comments on these wonderful episodes, please click on the link on the right.It's my favorite building, followed by a cafe corner.Which Lego module do you think is the most interesting?Unfortunately, many of them are now retired, so it is expensive to buy, and prices will only continue to rise over time.Still, Cafe Corner (first set) can still be found on sites like Amazon, though you will pay a lot of money for it.However, suits that have just retired or have retired (such as Paris restaurants or pet shops) are still very affordable.If you want to buy these UNNow retired set, with the new set released every year, you can end up building an impressive city at the price of each coin!While most people think of Lego as a children's toy, the Lego Modular series is more like an adult series due to its size and complexity.Since the advent of the modular series, AFOL (adult fan of Lego) from around the world has been busy building their own modular theme variants.Google's quick search for "Lego modules" or "custom Lego modules" will reveal hundreds of custom module buildings from museums to schools;However, here are a few of our favorites (we have done our best to praise the original designer if possible ).What do you think-Are you ready to design and build your own Lego module?Assuming you have enough debris, it's not as hard as it looks --At least built outside the building.Just start with the board, create the bottom shape (you can copy from another module if you want), and then continue to add doors, windows, etc.The real challenge comes when you start the design room with timing --All these little details that make them combined together can be overwhelming.Even if these ideas here don't inspire you to start your own Lego Modular creations, they look cool, don't they?Hopefully Lego will continue to launch a new modular building each year so we can continue to build the kit and add new content to our fun and realistic looking Lego Town.Enjoy!Thank you for visiting our Lego Modular series page.We hope you like these as much as we do!Be sure to tell us in the comments section below how your Lego Modular town has grown and the happy building!The content is my own 20 years of Lego experience, studying historical details and specific data from Lego books, websites, etc.Many photos are my own collection, while the rest are from Amazon (our membership gives us access to those photos) and public domain images from other sources/Lego friends around the world.Any "artwork" created by individual Lego artists is specifically identified.
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