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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-19

Nursing polished nickel is a wise way to keep the tap and other plating material looking like the brandnew.The trick to successfully nursing nickel is to avoid scratching the surface at all costs.Polished nickel-Bright and shiny though--It's easy to scratch.Some chemicals also erode and deteriorate nickel.The use of cleaning tools and products that are particularly safe for nickel is the best option to maintain a "brand new" look.Find a clean and soft rag.Choose cotton cloth without folds or a soft sponge if possible.Avoid using any hard material such as steel hairs to prevent scratches.Apply 1 tbsp.No smell soap on the cloth.Choose a liquid tray or hand sanitizer if possible.Away from fragrance, acid or ammonia-Avoid leaving additives and soap that devalue nickel.Use a soft liquid cleaner such as Barkeeper's friend Zud or a soft scrub-Acid or ammonia free--For cleaning the drain cover of the sink and shower.Follow the product label instructions.Wet the cloth with fresh warm water.Cloth with medium pressure.Rub with small and concentrated circles to remove dirt.Rise nickel clean with warm water and dry immediately with a soft cloth.
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