pillar candle chandelier How to Make Kitchen Decorations Out of Seashells

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-20
pillar candle chandelier How to Make Kitchen Decorations Out of Seashells
A beach-The theme kitchen evokes warm memories of a holiday on the shore.By layering on shells and other beach decorations such as sand and driftwood, turn your kitchen into a tribute to the whimsical of summer.Every time you have dinner or a cup of fragrant coffee in the kitchen on the shore, you will be taken to a relaxed and simple lifestyle.Pendant wreaths made of shells bring quiet and whimsical value to your kitchen windows.Simply drill small holes in the shells and string them on the transparent nylon fishing line.Threaded glass or ceramic beads between each case can add a little spark and hang your work off the tape hook mounted on the window frame.Again, stick a cluster of pearl shells to the corner of the vintage window and hang them in the kitchen as wall art.Install a beach mural behind it, imitating the seaside view on the kitchen table.Few crafts are easier to make than simple shell candles.Scented wax;Carefully pour a small amount into the large and flat case and add a short wick to each case.Set along the window sill of the kitchen.Or, in a wooden bowl, Nestle the burgundy pillar candle with sand and surround it with a small amount of shells, starfish and red berries as the center of the festival.Create romantic lights by arranging a row of short glass cylinder vases on the kitchen sideboard.Drop a larger shell or a small amount of smaller shell at the bottom of each vase;Fill the water with a floating votive.To create a kitchen that really reminds you of your honeymoon at the beach, always use shells as a decoration.Customize drawers and cabinets by sticking shells to regular hardware.Install the housing on each tile and process it into a tailgate.Make them a Wind Bell to hang on the window, or add a light fixture to the center of the shell Bell to turn it into --of-a-Chandelier on kitchen sink or table.If you collect a large number of conch shells, arrange them along the top of your cabinet, dotted with green plants like little EastThe occasion of Zee plants and driftwood in Africa.Turn your most beautiful little shell into a wreath hanging behind the kitchen window or stove.Tidy up your kitchen accessories-Spice rack, pot rack or hook rack--By bonding on small shells.By installing the shadow box to the wall in groups and supporting one or two of the best shells in each shadow box, the entire collection of shells is displayed.
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