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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-05
Propane-Electric lights are ideal for cabins and families in remote areas, as they are driven by propane rather than electricity.People often take propaneA power device with open fire, but generally uses propane to power the lamp.You need to rent a propane before installing a new fixture-Qualified electricians or plumbers extend the propane line to where you want to install the fixture.In addition to the installation port-You will connect the fixtures to where the gas is supplied-The electrician will also install a ceiling or wall outlet box, which includes a fixing tape (a plate with a screw hole for connecting the fixing device ).) Propane is an explosive substance, so the pipe works must be installed by qualified professionals.Propane-Batteries should always be provided in the power cabin-Propane alert that powers potentially dangerous leaks.
Turn off the propane supply in the cabin.Propane tanks are usually stored outdoors next to the structure.The vicinity of the main pipe meeting with the propane tank or the inside of the home where the pipe enters the cabin will have a lever or valve.Turn the lever or valve to the "off" position.
Drain the system and remove propane from the cabin pipe.The propane tank will have a vent valve located near the point where the main pipe meets the propane tank.Turn on the drain valve, turn on the lights and appliances at home, and eat the remaining propane supply.When propane is discharged from the pipe, the lights and appliances are darkened and turned off.Close the vent valve once the process is completed.
Turn on the propane line port of the installation lamp.Open the lid with a wrench.Twist left.
Apply the Teflon TFE paste to the thread of the pipe and apply to the interior of the pipe thread section that extends to the back of the lamp.Apply and paste with a small brush.
Connect the lamps to the propane line.The threaded part of the pipe will be extended from the back of the lamp.Twist the fixture to the right and fix it online.
Smooth the excess Teflon TFE paste, which is squeezed out when you connect the fixture to the supply line.Smooth it with wet fingers.Turn around the joint with your fingers to form a neat seal.
Twist the lamp so that it is placed correctly on the wall and twist the lamp to the bracket located around the propane supply line.There are usually two screw holes on the base of the fixture.Align these holes with the holes on the mounting bracket and insert the screws into the fixture and wall bracket.
Install the bulb in the light fixture.Screw them to the right.
Open the main propane supply valve and restore the cabin supply.
Battery placement-Operate the propane detector near the new light and monitor closely.If the detector makes a sound and shows a leak, cut off the propane supply immediately and ventilate the home.If you are unable to identify or remedy the source of the leak, remove the fixture and re-Install the cover at the end of the pipe.Seek professional assistance.
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