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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-05
Change the color and style with spray paint instead of buying new external fixtures to match other hardware.Painting outdoor lamps is a simple project.Exterior painting is the best product for this application.The local home improvement center sells a wide variety of exterior paint in a variety of colors to choose from.Read the label carefully when buying spray paint.Different types of paint can better cover specific materials such as plastic, metal, wood.
Power off the external light of the fuse box.
Remove the screws from the mounting plate of the external fixture.This will enable you to draw easily.
Spread the drip cloth and place the lamps in the center.
Cover any area of the fixture using masking tape and newspapers, such as glass, hardware, etc.
Gently polish the lamps with 180 sandpaper to rough the surface.This will make the paint stick to the surface better.
Wipe any dirt or debris with a rag before painting.
Before painting, spray the entire fixture with at least one layer of spray primer.Let it dry for 30 minutes before painting.
Start spraying lamps and lanterns.Keep the spray at a distance of about 8 inch from the surface and press the sprayer.
Move the paint spray tank back and forth to cover the surface of the lamp evenly.Be careful not to spray too much paint in one area.This will cause the paint to drip down and run.
Let the first coat dry for about 30 minutes.Continue to spray the fixture evenly with as many light coatings as possible to give the fixture a beautiful new surface.
Allow the last layer of paint to dry for at least an hour before reinstalling the fixture.After re-hanging the fixture, turn on the power again and test the light.
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