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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-14
Do you want to renovate the house?You may need to consider the shabby and chic style of home decoration.This style is applied by designers Rachel Ashwell and Nicholas Haus.From the bathroom to the living room, the shabby chic style can be used in all parts of the house.
How can you succeed?They came up with a look that looked distressed and gorgeous at the same time.It reminds you of finding an antique in a flea market.This is the shabby part of the design.This style of shabby chic furniture is covered with a shabby but in good condition gray and white.
The colors in this style are mainly soft pink, pastel, ecra and white.Soft soil colors such as brown and blue can be found on items such as carpets and artwork.The shabby and chic fabric relies heavily on the fabric for a gorgeous look.
The item looks like it's overdone on the fabric, but it's done neatly.The main fabrics used are cotton, linen and denim, and you can have most of the shabby and chic daily household items;Furniture-cabinet, coffee table, sofa, footrest, lounge chair lighting-candles, lights, lampshades, chandeliers, scones bedding-bed sheets, down comforters, bed sheets, bed skirts, pillowcases bathroom supplies-towel pajamas, bathroom Accessories, decoration, broken decoration look, with worn-out chic wall hanging, throwing, vases, carpets and art accessories.Vintage items of this style are also available.
For fans of shabby chic decor, Rachel Ashwell often picks and sells vintage items.Such as fine porcelain, lamps, furniture, lamps and carpets.You can include art of wall decoration.The artistic features of artists such as Kinley Winaman and Laurence Amelie are the wall decorations that blend this style.
Other interests in shabby chic are a variety of baby nursery bedding, furniture and lighting.If you really like the shabby chic style, you can buy some books that have more inspiration for the subject.These were signed by Rachel Ashwell
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